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User Info: Nekoakuma

9 years ago#1
i might pick it up
just going through the demo atm
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User Info: iceissocold

9 years ago#2
Would be nice to see this ported along with every other good 3DS game that they haven't given us. :<
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User Info: iceissocold

9 years ago#3
I mean localized, not ported lol.
3DS - 1160-9755-1993
Gamertag: IceIGFire

User Info: akwan_tarot

9 years ago#4
Me definitely! Played the demo and it is fun.

The "denpa" gimmick is nice, and the orthodox RPG part is fine for a lightweight RPG experience. 8-man party max!

User Info: Jinto Lin

Jinto Lin
9 years ago#5
If it gets localized and released in North America, it'll be a day one download, no question. I've been waiting for more quirky RPGs to turn up since Contact and Opoona. Hopefully there'll be more stand-out strange ones ahead yet than the DS and Wii ultimately had.
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User Info: sims_13

9 years ago#6
Looks interesting. Might download it if they localize it.
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