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  3. This game doesn't seem that bad

User Info: maddoggnick96

9 years ago#1
I can see why some people are hating on it, but in all honesty, it's not that bad. For one thing, it's the same price as the regular DS version. After playing the demo, the controls seem ok, but some of the touch screen moves are odd. For what it's worth though, I think this game is not bad (err... not THAT bad).

User Info: elbert_b_23

9 years ago#2
only the people on this site seem to be hating on it so far its been getting good reviews and i am really glad i bought it the game is a fun budget title

User Info: ps2snesgod

9 years ago#3
u guys must be little kids cuz seriously almost every other spider-man game is better than this

User Info: Alteisen

9 years ago#4
Play Resident Evil: Revelations.

Then play this.

...What the hell happened to just the graphics? Not to mention how is this one broken with tons of glitches while the PS3/360 versions are perfectly fine? [Though still boring compared to Shattered Dimensions imo]
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  3. This game doesn't seem that bad
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