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User Info: Evil00007

9 years ago#1
Even the iOS version of this game has Free-Roam. Hell even the old PSP Spiderman games had free-roam....I don't see why THIS doesn't.

User Info: mrweed3000

9 years ago#2
Dude you do know that the iPhone 4s is way more powerfull then the 3ds.

Way better hardware including dual gpu and CPU
psn and xbox live tag SkillzDatKillz9

User Info: elbert_b_23

9 years ago#3
first of all they are made by different companies the ios game is by gameloft and they are not known for making good quality games, and the 3ds version is done by beenox

User Info: spiderfreak1011

9 years ago#4
Man, that is the most stupid thing that Beenox has ever done in a Spider-Man game, i mean really, NO FREE ROAM? I was gonna buy this, but now i'm not even sure i will. If Beenox wanted to lose money on people buying this game, taking out the free roam is a great way to do it, because no free roam, means none of my money is going to them to get this game.
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  3. Seriously? 3DS vs iOS
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