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  3. I have never had a game crash my 3DS before now. *spoiler warning*

User Info: WhiteGuy1986

9 years ago#1
So I'm doing the mission where you have to fight the two Hunter bots, and at the end of the mission you get a call from Smythe. Well, half-way through the conversation, the game freezes. I can't get to the pause menu or the 3DS's Home menu, so I have to turn off the 3DS. I boot it and the game back up, now I'm on the same mission, except nothing's happening. It's telling me to Web Rush the Hunter, but there are no Hunters.

I've tried restarting the mission, going back out to the main menu and back in, but nothing happens. And since at this point in the story the apartment is gone, I can't boot another mission and come back to this one later.

I think my entire save file is pretty much ****ed. >_>
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User Info: fangornkaiser

9 years ago#2
Yeah this game is very glitchy. I bought wii version and in first 2 hours this game froze once+i fell through the map on sewers level. (

User Info: hiramgoku

9 years ago#3
Same thing happened to me last night while playing this level. I hope someone can give us a way to beat this glitch so that we don't have to start the game over again. This is a pretty good spiderman game for the 3ds and the graphics are good, but it's way too buggy.
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User Info: vegitoss5

9 years ago#4
It happened to me to when i was fighting those robots after i beat them i was walking and that one guy was talking then he stopped and all of a sudden the game froze i waited 2min and nothing happend so i had to hold down the power button.i replayed the mission and insetead of moving around after i beat the robots i stayed still and then it worked butt its funny bc the game froze agian when i was fighting another boss i think it was those 2 robots u have to fight later in the stroy.

User Info: ho1y

9 years ago#5
I think I've found a solution...as I had the same problem. After you defeat the hunter, as in when it explodes, quickly press start and go into upgrades. Try to upgrade something and let it autosave. Once done. Go back out. You should be able to continue. After that

User Info: elbert_b_23

9 years ago#6
the game froze on me once at the last level and i have had two times where i have fell threw the ground thats not to bad for putting over 10 hours into the game

User Info: Link_Love_Zelda

9 years ago#7
Keeps freezing for me after beating the Hunter :(
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  3. I have never had a game crash my 3DS before now. *spoiler warning*
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