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User Info: Antaraxenox

9 years ago#1
Based on the Demo. Graphics are ugly. I would say one of the worst for actual 3DS titles. Fighting system at first looked cool, but it's of those mechanics that get boring after playing an hour. Just some 5-6 animations that repeat over and over. Jump and Websling are the same button, which is weird. You dodge with the touchscreen, which is uncomfortable. Also, they only allow you to play 10 times. The Kingdom Hearts, Resident Revelations and MGS Demos give you 30 tries and are much better games. This game has no free roam. It's subpar. I would pay even $10 for this. Played it twice and deleted it. Don't want to take up space on my 3DS memory with crap such as this. Even Mario and Sonic at the Olympics looks more interesting...

User Info: Blackmarvel79

9 years ago#2
The demo is just terrible
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