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User Info: Enobmah

9 years ago#1
I know its not going to be like an open world formula, but according to a person on gonintendo.com saying he got the latest edition of Nintendo Power for June and said that it uses "action points in all areas of NYC.

So what could this really mean for the 3DS version of this game and how will it work? I'm hopeful we'll find out at E3 or in this edition of the Nintendo Power.

User Info: Mknzyc

9 years ago#2
I have that magazine and basically "vigilante" mode is actually like an event system. You spend AP points to to set actions which you watch play out. I.e. Stealth, web rush, power attacks etc. If you succeed then you earn xp points and more AP points for multi player and the solo game. For what I cannot guess. You can also spend play coins to purchase AP points.
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