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User Info: fan615boy

9 years ago#1
really wanted this game but it is confirmed it is a 2D game so now i am sad and i am now passing this.

User Info: r_m_8_8

9 years ago#2
Funny, because if true, it's awesome news for me. Link?
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User Info: r_m_8_8

9 years ago#3
Boo, you are wrong. It's the DS game the one being a 2D platformer, I'll probably get that if it's good. The 3DS sounds like a downgraded port, meh.

PC + 3DS

User Info: fan615boy

9 years ago#4
i was wrong the ds is 2d but the 3ds will be a action spiderman game minus the free roam, so in other words like edge of time

User Info: lipnox88

9 years ago#5
no freeroam... whats the point.
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User Info: hyjinx17

9 years ago#6
Just played the demo and it's actually really good. Controls really well and combat is a alot of fun.
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User Info: EnzanChaud

9 years ago#7
The game is in 3D...
At least the Demo is.

User Info: DreadJester

9 years ago#8
The game is in 3D and on the demo you can see a button on the menu screen near the bottom called "Vigilante" and "Extras" but you can't select them. Guessing since they're there that you can use them in the full game but not sure if any of those are "Free Roam" gameplay.

As for the demo though I've enjoyed it quite a bit. There's a lot of tactics you can use and the combat is fun. You can free roam the entire demo stage and there's an extra "find the logo" bit to the game. After letting a friend of mine at work play it he said it was nearly as good and fun as Batman: Arkham Asylum.
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