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User Info: JonTripz

5 years ago#1
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PLEASE READ IN FULL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I've played over 40 games now, after I've done this and have not once ran into the error again online. I don't recall ever having it during single player, not sure. This solution took me maybe 15 minutes, if that, and was very worthwhile. I will explain what I did in detail, so it may look long, but it really isn't.

1 - Sync trophies with PSN server and do a full backup of your Vita using Content Manager Assistant. Remove any game cart from the system *** I recommend deleting any data you no longer want before backup ***

2 - Turn Vita off completely -> turn Vita on in SAFE MODE -> using Power button, PS button + R trigger to start it up.

3 - At SAFE MODE screen select option (3) to Format Memory Card

4 - Afterwards turn Vita on in SAFE MODE again, and select option (4) to Restore PS Vita System

5 - Once again, get your Vita back to SAFE MODE and select option (2) to Rebuild Database

6 - Turn your Vita on regularly and it should look fresh again. Icons everywhere. Don't bother with changing any settings as the backup has it all; though you will have to re-arrange icons. At this point, go into Settings -> Format -> Format Memory Card (last time). Then get back to Settings and connect the Vita to your usual internet connection and sign in to your PSN so that it is authenticated.

7 - Open Content Manager application on the Vita and Restore From Backup - connect to where your backup is stored. I used my laptop.

After all is said and done, icons re-arranged, make sure your time is set right using the internet, should be - I like to do a full shut down and start into SAFE MODE one last time and select option (1) Restart PS Vita System. Try some Madden and you should be good to go in regards to Error C2-12828-1 which can be unforgiving. The only issues I've had online since, were maybe 3 de-syncs occurring. I'm not sure what that is, nothing new, but stats aren't recorded and you end up back at the lobby. Remember, this is in over 40 games played. I've also had occasional games ending because of the other player disconnecting. Free W for me -_- They've probably had C2-12828-1 for them-self or a simple internet issue. I have not had a single loss/ disconnect over something I could not control.

* * * * * * * * * *
I've also notice that after I did this process, I had more free space on my memory card by about 100 to 150mb. And I did not have to delete a single thing since I'm pretty OCD about organization to begin with.
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User Info: JonTripz

5 years ago#2
Oh, here's some very short info via Playstation forum which gave me the idea to do all this:

If you quickly checked that, you'll notice the mention of corrupt save data being a possible culprit as well. I skipped deleting the save data altogether as I wanted to see if it doesn't apply. As mentioned, I'm good to go. I do not have a Franchise or Superstar mode saved as I have deleted those shortly after I platinum'd this. However, I do have save data for profile, settings, rosters and whatnot. If for some reason you still suffer from this error in this game (or any other for that matter) I would recommend trying to play without your save data as that could be the only other thing. However, I strongly feel this solution will alleviate almost all who try.

See ya online! Same name as here. Peace
"I'm sicker than Boy George picturing Michael Jackson in little boys drawers shopping in toy stores"

User Info: Thrillwell

5 years ago#3
tag, for if ever needed

User Info: nizam216

5 years ago#4
Didn't work for me. Shouldn't have to do all that to get a game to work properly when you pay full price for it.

User Info: JonTripz

5 years ago#5
You sure you've done every step Nizam? It's easy to miss something as they're all pretty quick.

However, I do have an UPDATE: this error did return for me, out of the blue, a day or so after making this topic. It happened maybe 3 times over a course of two days. Much less but I was still frustrated and called Sony. Representatives told me to do what I have covered here, except in less detail. They said to format the system and delete Madden's application data. As I mentioned in my second post, deleting the save data, ie. application data is the only thing I hadn't tried.

So, I repeated the solution covered above, except this time I also deleted the Madden bubble (with the game cart still inserted), before I did a full back up, part of step 1. I continued to follow through and when all was said and done, I re-inserted the game - it needed to re-install of course and I deleted the bubble once more just to be sure. Then re-inserted the game and have been error free again.

So in short, deleting Madden data is necessary if this solution doesn't work permanently or at all. It just means there's some kind of corruption with that data. This is what Sony said and this is what I am reading according to the links provided beforehand. And I agree with what you're saying Nizam. Remember though, firmware 1.80 and Madden 13 were released along side each other. And I don't see a patch coming for Madden soon. I dunno, firmware update, yes eventually but Madden update could take who knows how long. I'm just tryna be helpful since we all are just posting and complaining otherwise.
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User Info: RICT0R

5 years ago#6
Done this a few times and it doesn't work.

The Error is system related, has nothing to do with your memory card.
I have two memory cards 32GB and 8GB. I was getting the error before I upgraded to the 32GB card, I still get the Error now with both cards and the 8GB card being completely reformatted with my Japanese account information.

I've been getting this error since the 1.69 update and it seems the errors have increased in PSVita systems since 1.8. Either its a firmware glitch, or it is an error that becomes more apparent with the use of the PSVita.

User Info: JonTripz

5 years ago#7
Yea I'm not sure the reason for it, I thought it was more firmware related as well. But if you call Sony and read online, this is all they tell you to do. Pretty annoying, really. When I did this though, I did notice much much less frequency. At first it seemed like it went away completely. Now I know it just happens much much less.
"I'm sicker than Boy George picturing Michael Jackson in little boys drawers shopping in toy stores"
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