Is this game better than 12?

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  3. Is this game better than 12?

User Info: drdweeb

5 years ago#1
I have Madden 12, but I love football games. Is 13 worth getting?


User Info: lisa2damarcus

5 years ago#2
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User Info: ARescan

5 years ago#3
12 is awful, so yes.

User Info: SlappyMancuso

5 years ago#4
Much, much better.
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User Info: TreFacTor

5 years ago#5
ABSOLUTELY NOT.. anyone who bought Madden 13 has been suckered

Actual Madden 13 Roster Ported to Madden 12 (XBOX 360)

You read it right. I have hex edited () the actual Madden 13 roster to work on Madden 12. I checked the depth charts and everything is exactly the same. The only thing I noticed is that instead of random faces, rookie players have no image. This is due to the fact that images are stored on disk. Also, stats for last year are not present (I assume this means that previous years' stats are also stored on the disk). However, these two quirks do nothing to hinder game play.

What this means: Heights, weights, equipment, etc will match Madden 13 exactly. We can now use all of the official EA roster updates for Madden 13 in Madden 12. Furthermore, fantasy draft WORKS! There are no CAPS in this roster, so everything should work as if the roster was completely stock.

Known Issues: Cannot click to see player details from player management screens. If you do, the game will freeze. Once I tried to edit Luck, and he turned black with no face. I restarted the game, reloaded the roster, and he was back to normal. Also, he could be edited? Seems to be a random occurence. Just restart if this happens to you.

For now this only works for XBOX 360. I haven't looked into Madden 11 or 10 yet but if I get the chance this weekend I will rent them and see if it will work.

User Info: Kaltuu

5 years ago#6
They only added physics and crammed that crappy Head Coach 09 into Madden 12. They tried the reeces cup approach and it's backfiring hard. I bought Madden 12 for $10 and updated the rosters myself...wish i would have seen that link first would have saved a hella lotta time.

User Info: Dawgwood

5 years ago#7
Much better than 12.

User Info: hibmosis

5 years ago#8
I havent been happy with a Madden game for a few years. I've been playing NCAA instead. I tried Madden 13 at a friend's place and was hooked. So much better in so many ways.

User Info: Madden_Fanatic

5 years ago#9
12 was awful, get this game or at least rent it.
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User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

5 years ago#10
12 was great if youre a Raiders fan
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  3. Is this game better than 12?

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