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User Info: Regina_George

10 months ago#1
Many moons ago, we did episode elimination threads on shows like Legends, Full House, and also Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. The Legends and Full House elimination threads were completed, the Sabrina elimination thread was not. Quite the opposite, it didn't last long and we dropped the idea quickly. Well just like the Hangout Zone thread, I'm going to give this thread a reboot. And this time, I'm hoping we actually finish this elimination thread. So we are going to start with Seasons 1-4 of Sabrina, the High School years, arguably the best seasons of the show. We will eliminate each episode we don't like, then keep eliminating until we reach the last 10 standing. We will rank those episodes, then do the same with Seasons 5-7, the college years. At the end, we will rank the Top 20 best episodes, the last one standing wins. Hopefully you'll be familiar enough with the episodes. If you're not, you can go on the wiki page and look at the episode descriptions. ^_~

For reference, here's the episodes we eliminated last thread:

If you want to still eliminate those episodes, you can. One more thing, (sorry XD;;;), if you're busy and don't have time to post extensively in here, you can just post in this thread only. Just to speed the thread up a little bit. ;)

But enough rambling, let's get started!

Season 1:
Bundt Friday
The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie
Terrible Things
A Halloween Story
Dream Date
Third Aunt from the Sun
Magic Joel
Geek Like Me
Sweet & Sour Victory
A Girl and Her Cat
Trial by Fury
Jenny's Non-Dream
Sabrina Through the Looking Glass
Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years
Mars Attracts!
First Kiss
Sweet Charity
Cat Showdown
Meeting Dad's Girlfriend
As Westbridge Turns
The Great Mistake
The Crucible
Troll Bride

Season 2:
Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 1
Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 2
Dummy for Love
Dante's Inferno
A Doll's Story
Sabrina, the Teenage Boy
A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It
Witch Trash
To Tell a Mortal
Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves
Sabrina Claus
Little Big Kraft
Five Easy Pieces of Libby
Finger Lickin' Flu
Sabrina and the Beanstalk
The Equalizer
The Band Episode
When Teens Collide
My Nightmare, the Car
Fear Strikes Up a Conversation
Quiz Show
Sabrina's Choice
Rumor Mill
Mom vs. Magic

Season 3:
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener
Boy Was My Face Red
Suspicious Minds
The Pom Pom Incident
Pancake Madness
Good Will Haunting
You Bet Your Family
And the Sabrina Goes to...
Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby
Sabrina and the Beast
Christmas Amnesia
Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?
What Price Harvey?
Mrs. Kraft
Sabrina and the Pirates
Sabrina the Matchmaker
Salem, the Boy
Sabrina, the Teenage Writer
The Big Sleep
Sabrina's Pen Pal
Sabrina's Real World
The Long and Winding Short Cut
Sabrina the Sandman
Silent Movie
The Good, the Bad and the Luau

Season 4:
No Place Like Home
Dream a Little Dreama Me
Little Orphan Hilda
Spoiled Rotten
Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
Prelude to a Kiss
Aging, Not So Gracefully
Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry
Ice Station Sabrina
Salem and Juliette
Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose
Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Super Hero
Love in Bloom
Welcome Back, Duke
Salem's Daughter
Dreama the Mouse
The Wild, Wild Witch
She's Baaaack!
The Four Faces of Sabrina
The End of an Era
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User Info: Regina_George

10 months ago#2
For my first vote, I'm going to get rid of "Trial by Fury." This episode was really boring and pointless. It's one of my least favorite episodes from the High School years. It's when Sabrina fails a math test because the teacher is an unreasonable a******, and her and her aunts get revenge on him. Some parts were funny, like his butt getting bigger. But for the most part, this episode just reeked filler just to fulfill the Season 1 episode order. And the ending was so pointless and anticlimactic. His punishment is teaching math everyday for the rest of his life, a job he hates? All of that build up in the courthouse for nothing? This episode was just a complete waste all around, so this will be the first one to go.

And Post 500 on this account. Whoo hoo! ^_~
The top 5 best Temple Runs: Lucky Pillow, Lawrence of Arabia, John Sutter, Catherine the Great, and of course the Paintbrush!
And none for Stone Marker, bye!

User Info: Tutankoopa

10 months ago#3
I remember some of those Season 1 episodes being a bit on the boring side. I remember the Trial by Fury episode somewhat too. It's kind of weird to see her aunts trying to get revenge on an school teacher just because something didn't go Sabrina's way. They usually want Sabrina to succeed without relying on her magical spells. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't many remaining by the time we get to the Top 20. ^_~ I'm going to get rid of "Sweet and Sour Victory" as my first vote. I think this is one of the first episodes I got rid of in the original thread. My reasoning being that I don't really like sports related episodes in sitcoms. And the life lesson from this episode is pretty cliche too. My main reason for disliking it though is because there were a lot more interesting magical spells used on Sabrina than an spell that made Sabrina better at the sport. ^_~
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(edited 10 months ago)

User Info: Regina_George

10 months ago#4
Yeah, Season 1 did have its fair share of bland episodes. But I guess since it was the first season, that was expected. And yeah, I also don't like sports related episodes. I hate sports, and they don't belong on TV at all. I always hate when TV shows shoe horn that in. And yes this was eliminated by you in the original thread. ^_~

Next to go is "Little Orphan Hilda." What can I say? This episode was SO BORING. It's when Hilda and Zelda's mom visits the house, and she's passive aggressively sniping at both aunts, almost to Marie Barone from "Everybody Loves Raymond" heights. It becomes very easy to understand why both aunts aren't close with their mother. Eventually Hilda, and later Zelda, find out they were both adopted. Both Hilda and Zelda partially disappear, and it's not until they're reminiscing on their ugly yellow skirts that they start to appear fully again. And here's the anticlimactic twist to the episode, Hilda and Zelda were turned into pigs when they were kids, and their parents had to adopt them back. What? What kind of ending is that? This is by far the worst episode of the High School years. This episode is extremely slow paced and boring. So it goes next. ^_~
The top 5 best Temple Runs: Lucky Pillow, Lawrence of Arabia, John Sutter, Catherine the Great, and of course the Paintbrush!
And none for Stone Marker, bye!

User Info: Tutankoopa

10 months ago#5
Yeah, I hate sports plots in sitcoms too. And this is coming from a big sports fan. All of the sitcoms from the 80's and 90's had at least an dozen of these episodes. Full House was the worst offender with it. Like the episode where Michelle was an complete dumbass and scored the goal for her opponents. XD And relative stories can also be pretty boring too in sitcoms, like the one you mentioned. Especially when they are an one time character you will never see again. And the mean old stepmother trope is pretty cliche in sitcoms too. I don't remember much from the Little Orphan Hilda episode, so that must be an good elimination in my book. ^_~

I'm going to get rid of "No Place Like Home" next. I sort of have an irrational hate for this episode. Mostly because it's the first episode on the show without Libby and Valerie, who were some of my favorite characters and made Season 2 and 3 enjoyable. Although at least Season 4 explained that Libby and Valerie moved away. Instead of completely ignoring them and writing them off like with Jenny and Mr. Pool in Season 1. Anyways, this is the episode where Sabrina goes to live with her father in Paris just because people supposedly don't care about her. I know Sabrina was a little childish at times, but this was an pretty drastic even for her. Besides, I don't really care for all the family storylines outside of Sabrina and her aunts. And I never really cared about knowing her mother and father. And I completely forgot Britney Spears appeared in this episode. XD I was only in 4th grade when this episode aired, and I completely forgot Spears was popular in the late 90's ^_~
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User Info: goodgollyregina

10 months ago#6
Yeah, sports themes just don't belong in TV shows. It's boring, and usually terribly executed. Though I liked seeing Michelle get humiliated because she scored for her opponents. XD;;; The Little Orphan Hilda episode is mad boring, you're not missing anything. And "No Place Like Home" is one of my favorite episodes ever actually. I loved Sabrina's hair in that episode, and I loved the Britney Spears scenes. I was in 3rd grade when this episode aired, and Britney Spears was the hot s*** back then. ^_~ One thing I DID hate about this episode though, was Hilda and Zelda'a incessant CRYING in this episode. Jesus f***ing christ, they spent 85% of this episode sobbing because it was Sabrina's senior year of High School. For f*** sakes, she's gonna be moving out next year, she's not dying. It's kind of hard to watch that episode in a way for those scenes alone. Oh yeah, and no more Valerie and Libby either. But I liked the rest of this episode. ^_~

Next to go is "Mars Attracts!" Another boring episode. Sabrina and her aunts go skiing for what is presumably their February vacation. But the entire time is spent with Sabrina meeting some guy that's a ski instructor, and even going on a date with him. I really don't care about who Sabrina flirts with whenever she's out of town. That's boring. The failed handshakes scene was so cringeworthy too. And what was with that guy watching Hilda and Zelda in the lobby, taking notes of them? Creepy. His storyline was completely nonsensical and didn't even make any sense. What was he supposed to be doing again? Who cares, this episode is off this list, and sent straight back to Mars. ^_~
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User Info: Tutankoopa

10 months ago#7
I'm not an fan of episodes where the main character dates someone who only appears in one episode. It's an pretty cliche storyline. Especially when you know nothing is going to work out between the two characters. I only remember the skiing scene from this episode, so it must definitely be an filler episode. XD And did this episode dwell on the guy stalking Hilda/Zelda for a long time? Sometimes this show would like to beat some jokes to death. Fortunately, it didn't happen a lot on this show. But some of the jokes were near the Full House tier of cringe. ^_~

I'm going to get rid of "Aging, Not So Gracefully" as the next episode. This is the episode where Sabrina tries to get romantically involved with Josh, who only sees her as an high school girl. In order to get his attention, she uses aging cream that makes her look more mature. Unfortunately, the aging process continues to make Sabrina look older and her Aunts have to step in and save her. I don't know why, but I never really found this episode interesting. It could have to do with how the magical spell in this episode is not really interesting compared to others on the show. An aging cream? Not the most original idea on the show. I like how all the episodes recently eliminated are from Season 1 and 4. XD
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User Info: goodgollyregina

10 months ago#8
Yeah, I literally don't care about who Sabrina is dating whether she's out of town or hanging out in the mortal realm. I mean, we're never gonna see the guy again, why should we care? And yes the creepy guy was spending most of the episode taking notes of Hilda and Zelda and Sabrina at some points. The storyline hardly went anywhere anyways, so what was the point in shoe horning him in? I kind of like the aging episode, mostly to see Sabrina take her aging cream way too far. XD;;; Though seeing her as an old woman was a bit cringey. And aging cream is not a very creative or original idea. But I still like the episode for some of its funny parts. ^_~

Next to go is "Meeting Dad's Girlfriend." Where Sabrina meets the new lawyer girlfriend her father is dating, and dislikes her. I just didn't like this episode. Not only was it mad boring, I just don't like the guy that plays Sabrina's father in this one, and also the pilot episode. He's too weirdly soft spoken, and he has zero personality. He just doesn't fit the role for Sabrina's father in any way, shape, or form. I'm glad that actor was never used again after this episode. The second actor who played Sabrina's father in the Season 4 premiere and final episode was much better. Furthermore, this episode was such a downer. I really don't need to know about Sabrina's father and his love life, and the hard time Sabrina has with it. One of the weakest Season 1 episodes, so it goes next. And yes we have been eliminating a lot of Season 1 and 4 episodes, including this one. Wonder how long this trend is going to continue. XD;;;
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User Info: Tutankoopa

10 months ago#9
Yeah, I find love interests who only make one or two appearances on any kind of show to be boring. Especially when the show already has an establish love interest for the main character. In this case, Harvey was Sabrina's love interest throughout the course of the series. I found his relationship with her much more interesting than an one-time character who likely will never appear again. Especially when you know the one-time character won't exist again. XD I never really cared about the episodes that revolved around Sabrina's father or family outside of her two Aunts. She had great chemistry with her two Aunts and their episodes were far more interesting So that sounds like an good elimination to me. ^_~

And these next votes are getting an little harder to choose since most of these episodes are great! I've been trying to eliminate episodes where the magic spells were uninteresting or one of the character's plots were dull. But this is still pretty difficult because most of these episodes had a lot of funny and creative moments. ^_~ I'm going to get rid of our first Season 3 episode, which will be "And the Sabrina Goes To...". This is the episode where Sabrina is attention-starved for people to notice her achievements, so she bakes an cake so that people will compliment her. She eventually gets greedy and eats the whole cake, and people start praising her non-stop. This is one of those episodes where I don't find the magical spell to be all that interesting. It kind of reminds me of one of the Season 1 episodes where Sabrina puts truth sprinklers on an cake in her cooking class so that everyone who eats it will start to tell the truth. I never viewed Sabrina as an attention-starved person. She usually dozens of spells throughout the show to get people's attention, so I don't know why she wants praise all of the sudden. For some reason, this sounds like something GM1 would do in real life. XD
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User Info: Regina_George

10 months ago#10
Yeah, Harvey and Sabrina all the way. Their relationship was far more interesting than any one time love interest. Same with the family storylines. The only family members I care about are Hilda and Zelda. I kind of like the Sabrina awards episode. Though the problem I have with that episode is that she constantly expects praise for getting the same good grades she always gets. Not everyone can get straight A's on a consistent basis. Of course she wasn't always gonna get her ass kissed 24/7 for something that comes so naturally to her. Though the praise she got for the most ridiculous things was hilarious. XD;;; But yeah, it seemed so out of character of her to attention whore all of a sudden. And yes this is definitely something GM1 would do in real life. Though he doesn't need to be under no spell to accomplish attention whoring. XD;;;

For my next episode, I am going to get rid of "You Bet Your Family." I eliminated this episode in the old thread, and I'm gonna eliminate it here too. This episode was so boring and slow paced, and the storyline was so stupid. I mean, Salem bets away Hilda, Zelda, and Sabrina after losing some card game? It was just a filler episode that dragged on, so it goes next. And yes it is pretty hard to decide which episode to go next, since nearly every episode from this era is really good. ^_~ There are a few dull episodes from this era, so pinpointing those and eliminating those episodes helps. ^_~
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