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    Yes, you need to take in all of the criticism that TBK tells you. Maybe one day the producers will stop by a completely dead forum and use one of your fanfics as an actual script. Just don't give him a hard time since he lost 10000 grannies yesterday. ^_~

    LMAO, I don't even think Uncle Hermes is skilled enough to work at McDonald's. I could see that as an actual episode plot where the jokes would be Jesse refusing to wear a hairnet for his dumbass long 80's hair and making Elvis impressions in front of the customers. Since those are his only two personality traits. Although Joey would probably be the one ending up working at a fast food job. ^_~ I'm glad you didn't have Jesse spit in Kimmie's drink. The poor girl doesn't even deserve that in a fanfic. Plus, she would get Jesse's DNA inside of her. That is worst than having AIDS. ^_~ I hope all of the customers he comes across treats him like s***. I even wish all the terrible customers from the EISAD page give him a hard time. ^_~

    I think Becky and Danny would make a great pairing on the actual show. Why wasn't it like that in the first place? Both individuals had successful careers that appeared on the same show. Also, Becky is more of a mother figure to the Tanner girls than the loser Uncles. It makes me cringe to this day how someone like Rebecca Donaldson could end up with a loser like Jesse. Especially when every single episode was centered around this a******. Did Becky ever get one episode dedicated to herself that didn't involve Jesse?! I can't imagine Nicky and Alex being Danny kids. Unless Danny sets them straight and fix their dumbass haircuts. I don't even want to imagine Joey banging Becky. While a much better scenario than Jesse x Becky, it's still repulsing to think about. Even that fantasy scene from the show where Joey and Becky are sharing a Bon Bon is too much. XD I look forward to reading your next fanfic. But no rush though is writing it. If you want inspiration, watch the Stone Marker episode. Just like you did for all 3 parts of this series. ^_~
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