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    Don't worry, I've been taking excessive notes about this fanfic while reading it. I'm disappointed by the lack of [laughter from audience] and [cues sad music] lines not being included in the fanfic. Also, you did not describe the body type, skin color, hair color, eye color, height, shoe size, etc. for each of the characters. These details are crucial for a successful fanfic. Don't worry, I enrolled you in the TBK School of Pretentious Writing. It will only cost you 100 grannies. ^_~

    I always thought it was very unreasonable for Danny to turn his basement into Jesse's recording studio on the actual show. I don't remember all of the details behind the recording studio, but did everyone in the house get a say about this? I doubt Stephanie and DJ would be cool with this in real life. Especially taking up a part of the house where they could chill with their friends. Good riddance though that Danny and Becky trashed all that garbage in the fanfic. XD I hate when sitcoms act like their house is the main attraction for everybody in the neighborhood. The Golden Girls did this too where every single date, family member, party, etc. had to be featured inside the house. Although I would much rather have scenes in the Full House than that s***ty ass Smash Club. This place was always filled with Jesse's drama on the actual show and I can't see how an actual person would want to spend time there. I swear this POS building was only made so that we could have more scenes with Jesse's stupid ass band. I don't even remember one likable scene from the Smash Club. I would definitely take a day off of work to see this s*** stain on humanity destroyed. ^_~

    LOL, Jesse would be oblivious to his precious Smash Club performing poorly. Even on the actual show, everything will work out for him because he's perfect. I would've liked Joey's character more if he threw more shade at Jesse. Especially when Jesse treated him like crap at times. Of course, Joey is only capable of terrible impressions and being a bum. -_- LMAO, if this was an actual episode, we would have the sappy sad music playing with all the family members (including Steve and Kimmie) there letting out fake crocodile tears while the camera zooms on on their faces. I always think of the Papoulli scene when it comes to the fake crying! XD But everything will work out at the end of the day. The episode would probably end with every citizen in San Francisco donating their life savings to keep the stupid ass club live. Fortunately, we can put the Smash Club out of it's misery in these bashfics. Which are way more canon than the actual show. ^_~

    Nicky and Alex could be mentally challenged and they would still be excited to see the destruction of the Smash Club. Just make sure you don't use that one word that Renegade used in his Golden Cricket Cage review or else Brown will get your bashfics removed. And take you to court and try to get the death penalty imposed on you. ^_~
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