4 months ago #91
    LMAO, I actually forgot about the third part of the bashfic! I think it would be a perfect time to review it considering all the drama about Aunt Becky/Lori Loughlin going to jail for bribery. XD Too bad something like that couldn't happen on the show to Jesse. I definitely should be able to review it this weekend since I will be sitting in the car dealership for a couple of hours to have my jeep repaired. ^_~

    On a side note, I believe they changed the purge rate rule on the site. Now topics will remain on a message board for a very long period of time depending on the number of topics. For example, this board has 4 topics currently. According to the new rules, no topics will ever purge from this board unless we create more topics. This is a great new addition and save us the chore of bumping topics. Too bad this wasn't implemented a year ago. XD


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