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EvaPilot1 8 years ago#1
I've already finished the game perfectly, once.
I've been playing a while now on my second playthrough and unfortunately the game has left me in a situation where regardless of what I do now, I will inevitably lose a country.
I can't stand this.
In this situation I feel compelled to start again.

However, I am perhaps 10 hours into the game, and I feel that I have done the best that I can. I don't WANT to start again, but I dont WANT to keep on playing without all the countries.
Are there any cheats to lower panic? You can look down on me for cheating as much as I want but I honestly don't care.
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MahoganyTooth92 8 years ago#2

Once you complete the steps in that link you go ingame, load your save into the base screen. You then press backslash and type "Lowerpanic" You're able to do it for a specific country, but that never worked for me so I just leave it blank and it works for every country.

And remember to make a backup in case you want to play online 'cause you'll get banned for using a modified .EXE
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red255 8 years ago#3
what diff are you on?
you know you get lower panic by 2 whenever you throw up a satellight right?
and a 2 panic reduction when you do the alien base assault. for all countries.
if you are playing on higher than normal losing countries is fine. its part of the game's charm.

It doesn't really matter if you lose less than 3 or 4 anyways. as long as they are on the same continent.

I tend to leave one continent uncovered with at least 3 countries so I still get my abduction missions for late game experienced soldiers prizes. does not matter if the countries are in full panic. as long as one isn't and at least 3 are uncovered.
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