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  3. This is possibly the most glitchy game I have ever played.

User Info: akanakin

6 years ago#1
It's terrible, because it's a really awesome game, too.

For starters, the game lags like hell out in Gotham. No big deal, I guess I just need a better computer (even though this baby i'm on runs Skyrim without any noticeable lag).

But half the time I'll bring up the main menu, the controls just stop working. I can't move the cursor up or down, or select anything. I'll have to ctrl+alt+del, not exit anything out, go back into the game, and it works just fine.

Not to mention, every once in a while I'll just run into a glitch that makes me have to reload a previous save, like when you first meet Superman and have to shoot the different colored goo into the different containers. I was stuck there for about half an hour until I looked it up online, and I couldn't see what I was doing wrong. I reloaded a previous save, did it again, and it worked perfectly.

Words can not describe how f***ing mad I am. It's such a good game, and because of it, I keep playing it. But It's litereally every five minutes something happens that just pisses me off.
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User Info: dre9516

6 years ago#2
I don't have the same issues as you but my game will freeze every time in certain places and it's crashed once right when I was done with arkham asylum and it didn't save and now I have to do it over again. Plus I hate when you get in a vehicle and then drive across the map and accidentally die from driving in water it puts your character way back to when you first got in the vehicle and not anywhere near where you died. I still enjoy the game when it's not being retarded, hopefully they release a patch soon to fix some of these issues.

User Info: Davel23

6 years ago#3
I played the game all the way through to 100% without a single glitch or performance issue. Just sayin'.
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User Info: akuma634

6 years ago#4
I haven't seen any glitches and I've played for 7 hours. But if you think this is the glitchiest game you've ever played then you should be ecstatic because you've avoided games like Action 52, Big Rigs, and Superman 64.
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  2. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
  3. This is possibly the most glitchy game I have ever played.
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