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  3. Stuck On level 8 (Destination metropolis) - Due to a glitch HELP!

User Info: flipnote21

6 years ago#21
Sure what is the link to the save

User Info: danh957

6 years ago#22
Goto this link: http://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_lego_batman_2.shtml

Download the 'LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes UNLOCKER'
Its a 100% save file, and dont worry i have tested it and it is safe to download.

User Info: flipnote21

6 years ago#23

User Info: spyeater

6 years ago#24
I actually just beat this part earlier no problem. I bought the game yesterday on Steam.
Here's my save file if anyone wants it. I haven't done much outside of the main story missions.
(message deleted)

User Info: knoximus

6 years ago#26
Riku278 posted...
Hello all! I have found the solution to the glitch at this level, first off in the main menu go to options and video settings your going to have to lower all the settings as low as possible for example : Screen Resolution: 800x600 Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, etc same thing in the effects options lower everything in there as well, now play level 8 from the beginning, you should notice it moving nice and smooth even fast and the helicopter dude should go in the helicopter normally, after your done with that, you may choose to raise your settings up as you please just make sure its saved after your done.

Thanks, dude. Totally worked for me.
Killer Killa

User Info: desertwolf02

6 years ago#27
Confirmed fix. Tested all options individually. Fix only worked after "bloom" and "motion blur" were both turned off. Settings may also have to be set to 800x600 as well but did not test otherwise.

Settings that worked:
Resolution 800x600
Vertical Sync Off
Motion Blur Off
Bloom Off
Anti Alias Off.

Turned back on in next scene with no flaws. Only need to be off to get past the flaw with the hovercraft. Once it takes off and you crash it, you can turn them back on. No clue to yet further flaws in later levels.
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  3. Stuck On level 8 (Destination metropolis) - Due to a glitch HELP!
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