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User Info: oryzae

1 month ago#41
So far, the best place for grinding for me has been the grass kingdom with both of the wild areas maxed out. I use Okuni, who has a high link, and take one other character with her. It seems to generally net me a decent amount of link% each time I do it.

Also, I have an unrelated question: Are there any special conditions under which Lapras appears? Serebii listed that they appear once you upgrade the wild areas to level 3, but I've had them maxed out for years and none have shown up yet. Are they only available in certain scenarios or something?

User Info: Crazyalien18

1 month ago#42
Serebii is really outdated compared to something like Bulbapedia, here. Lapras won't appear in several stories, actually - including all collection episodes (Pokemon and warriors), full country uniting episodes (Junior warlords are exempt from this maybe?), the ninja episodes, and MU episodes, first due to no Bank and second explicitly blocked.

So Mitsuhide's story seems to be by far the best for this end. You don't get much time to level up, but 36 months should be enough to get an 80% Lapras or so...

I don't like most of the max-level wild areas, it just takes too long to cross the entire area each time you want to battle. Out of those, the one I find least irritating would probably be Ravine, which yeah, Greenleaf has. Link rewards out of battle seems to be based solely on enemy composition and your own team, as well as some effect from performance in the battle, meaning that finding small areas with lots of warriors would be best, if you're grinding with normal wild areas at all.

User Info: Tuvalu

4 weeks ago#43
I come back to this game occasionally. I'm trying to get all of the perfect links but it would be a lot easier if there was a guide saying which warriors appeared in each story. I'm still missing one or two of them.

User Info: Crazyalien18

4 weeks ago#44
Sadly, no one seems to have compiled such a list. It would be too large to compile reasonably without datamining, and I haven't put much effort into that recently.

User Info: Pf987

4 days ago#45
What's the best way to grind the hero's Eevee? I got a second eevee near the end of the game and it is hellish grinding wild pokemon weak enough to beat just to get one point of attack per map.

User Info: Baconfry

4 days ago#46
Pf987 posted...
What's the best way to grind the hero's Eevee? I got a second eevee near the end of the game and it is hellish grinding wild pokemon weak enough to beat just to get one point of attack per map.
Grind on Aron and Roggenrola that have Sturdy. Bring another Pokemon much stronger than Eevee, bring the enemy to 1 HP after Sturdy activates, finish them off with Eevee.

In other news, I just posted my first FAQ for this game. Let me know what you guys think of it!

User Info: Crazyalien18

4 days ago#47
I'll have to check the FAQ more shortly, though the beginning segment will probably need some editing.

I wouldn't grind on Aron or Roggenrola, personally; that requires too much overall effort. Barring completing the story and recruiting them again in another story to grind them up that way, I would probably look to let the enemy expand and then take their kingdoms back... which probably doesn't work here. Using high-link partners may make the Sturdy strategy the best choice for a ways, though, particularly after evolution, it may be better to use Guardian Charm/Harmony Drum and solo areas.

Edit: Based on rough calculations, a Motonari Eevee's best defense stat caps out at 92. No chance of evolution unless items can fudge the condition somehow.
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: Crazyalien18

3 days ago#48
Looking through to make some recommendations for improving writing.

The first paragraph could be rewritten to immediately highlight the point of the guide, rather than gatekeeping. Something like "this guide is intended for optimization; none of this is needed for completing the game and it will be assumed that you know all information that the main story presents to you." or something similar, though that does imply that you'll talk a bit about stats. Something like that could be helpful, given the lack of existing writing on the subject, but it's up to you in terms of how much you talk about that.

Other rewrites would be tedious to express in this format, so everything else will be technical.

To be precise, Aya only needs an Eevee with an attack IV of 4 or higher, provided energy is involved. Go's Kirlia needs an attack IV of 28 or higher. On Serperior's entry, Roserade is not a Pokemon in this game.

I'd also recommend Jolteon with Sprint; it doesn't hit as hard, but unconditional 5 range is obscene, and Jolteon hits like a truck as is.

Amen on the Fortress front. Though Ujizane would still be a clear contender for worst in the game even if his capacity wasn't worst-in-game. Terrible overworld performance and his only Pokemon that could actually be considered better than the average roster is Volcarona.

...Wait, hold up. What's this about checking warrior listings in January? Have you identified roaming warriors as shifting every year on the January, on the dot?

Overall, neat.

User Info: Yamato_san

3 days ago#49
Skimmed through the guide.... yeah, Electric specialists have some s*** coverage. I think it might've helped if they at least gave Galvantula Signal Beam (Bug specialists already have some fantastic variety in Volcarona). Lack of coverage especially hurts if your offensive type has something that's immune to it (imagine how much worse all those Dragon specialists would be if this game came out post-Fairy). Also, why the hell didn't they give Mismagius Hex? God knows there were too many Shadow Ball-users as is, and it seems kind of a waste to have Hex in this game only to use it for one NFE Pokemon.

Incidentally, I think one of this game's greatest shortfalls is that it not only copy/pastes stuff from the mainline games, but implements some of it poorly. For instance, this guide brings up the bizarre instance of Leavanny's special attack being ported over instead of its physical attack, and do I even need to say anything about Gyroball? Seriously, nobody thought that using the speed-based attack calculation would pan out horribly here? They couldn't have just reworked the way some attacks function like in Rumble or Mystery Dungeon (and in fact, they DID rework the recoil attacks to lower stats instead of causing self-damage, not to mention all attacks having a different base power)? IF there's ever a sequel or remake of this game, I really hope they amend some of this (but sadly, non-mobile Pokemon spin-offs might be dead).

User Info: Baconfry

2 days ago#50
I wouldn't mind if this was ported to a mobile version, honestly! It's crazy how this is still the only Pokemon-themed strategy RPG similar to Fire Emblem. I'm satisfied with the game as a whole, but given a bit more development time, it could have been more well-balanced. Some potential moveset changes:

Scolipede --> Megahorn
Luxray --> Wild Charge
Flaaffy --> Electro Ball, Ampharos --> Discharge
Arbok --> Acid Spray
Forretress --> Gyro Ball base power scales according to # of teammates who already moved this turn
Dusknoir --> Shadow Punch
Musharna --> Hypnosis if target is awake, Dream Eater if target is asleep
Serperior --> Giga Drain
Leavanny --> Struggle Bug
Simisage --> Seed Bomb
Pansear --> Incinerate, Simisear --> Flame Burst
Galvantula --> Electroweb (range to 0)
Rhyperior --> Earthquake (PLEASE)
Scrafty --> Drain Punch
Drifblim --> Ominous Wind
Braviary --> Air Slash
Mismagius --> Hex
Spiritomb --> Dark Pulse
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