Farming Gold?

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User Info: Avantir

5 years ago#1
OK, so obviously the best way of farming EXP is the Den of Trials. As for gold though, I have no idea. I'm just preparing for the battle against Morpice (If there's more than one, the first one) who, if I might add, is somewhat OP. So I am at Deva Castle, and cannot get to Aria Castle.

Regardless, I'm trying to buy lots of potions and farm at the Den of Trials. Somewhat expensive. At the moment I've been farming gold in the Abyss Cave, beating up Darkness Wisps and Ice Elementals and Mining. What's the best way?

User Info: gemeni_ano

5 years ago#2
Just collect loot drops until you hit max allowed then go back in town to sell and redo process.. i was able to save 100K that way for grinding the Den of Trials.
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