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User Info: flashjomar

5 years ago#1
I was playing my slayer lvl 60 last july 1 morning around 11am or so then when I played at night its said damage data, need to create a new character?? I experienced this once and I just restarted my tablet and its good again but now I cant do anything about it.. Its the best character that I made for pvp and when I said Im going to get to the leadership boards it became corrupted.. And I didnt do anything like making the tablet shutting down while playing I always close it in the right manner (because I dont want my data to be corrupted) then still I cant do anything about it.. Is there anyway for me to retrieve my save data?? pretty please?? I am almost full set getting all unique conviction set with + 10 stats and slots.. with 6k+ damage and ready to do pass 1k mark of pvp rank.. ='( If anyone can help me please.. thank you..

User Info: flashjomar

5 years ago#2
Hurray!!! I got back my save data.. After a couple of restarting transferring or whatever.. when I played I got back again...=) Now doing very careful playing and should exit at the main system.. Cheers!! =)

User Info: PolyhedralPig

5 years ago#3
flashjomar posted...
I am almost full set getting all unique conviction set

Just wondering, do you have Conviction equipment that lists a set bonus? Because I've gotten hundreds of Conviction equips, but none with a set bonus, and nobody else seems to be able to find the set bonus either.
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Zenonia 4 IGN: SquarePig (PvP Rank 9)

User Info: flashjomar

5 years ago#4
I think you're referring to the one with S bonus (Set bonus right?) the one in the game guides in combination list. Unfortunately I only have normal ones, but all unique with higher base stats and all + 10 stats with slots so that is what I got..=) I'm hoping for that one as well but I don't think its implemented or either way nobody has seen it either.

Zenonia IGN; flashjomar
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