what does the fairy do?

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User Info: kaheljustpaul

5 years ago#1
what are the purpose of the gems?

User Info: PolyhedralPig

5 years ago#2
Fairy stones are equipped to the fairy through the Fairy page on the Menu. To make a fairy stone, go to the Fairy page and Extract Sync Energy (fill up the Sync bar by killing enemies) or go to the Elementalist with a full sync bar. This will give you either a Rune stone or a Skill stone. Rune stones provide an elemental attribute: Fire, Ice, Holy, or Dark. Here's what each one does:

Fire: inflicts continuous damage to the enemy over time
Ice: slows the enemy's movement speed down
Holy: stuns the enemy for a short time so they can't do anything
Dark: confuses the enemy so they move randomly

But the most important thing is trying to find a Rune stone with 3 skill stone slots (the number of slots is provided in the description of the stone); the actual element isn't really as important. The more skill stone slots your Rune stone has, the more Skill stones you can equip at once.

Skill stones raise stats based on percentage. Just like Rune stones, they are only equipped to the fairy. Examples of skill stone effects are: DEX + X%, INT + X%, and All stats + X% (X is some number). Skill stones are very useful because they increase your stats, but they activate randomly so you cannot select when to use them. The type of skill stones you want vary depending on your class, but here's some useful stones for each class:

Blader: DEX, CON, Reflect (for PvP only), Skill cooldown (for PvE)
Slayer: STR, CON, Reflect (for PvP only), Skill cooldown (for PvE)
Druid: INT, CON, Reflect (for PvP only), Skill cooldown (for PvE)
Ranger: DEX, INT (only if you use the Attack/INT and Evade/INT passives), CON (if you have trouble surviving), Reflect (for PvP only), Skill cooldown (for PvE)

Once again, the maximum number of skill stones you can have on your fairy at once is 3, if you use a 3-slotted Rune stone.
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User Info: pirateof7sea

5 years ago#3
Reflect is great, fairy's + sheathe stone's / skill's

I died many times in PvP because of Reflect by Windcutter-ing enemies in the beginning of the match...

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