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User Info: sephiroth1491

7 years ago#1
If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask, i just started it but have good knowledge from the past game. Meanwhile gonna go eat some troll congs.
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User Info: windschism

7 years ago#2
Dude how can i defeat the tundra dragon?
coco and sani cant reach it
and tundra dragon wont come close so i cant hit him

User Info: sarris98

7 years ago#3
Hey there.I'm pretty interested in this game,so,if someone could answer my questions I'd be very gratefull.

What is the control configuration and is it fully customizable?Even the movement buttons?

Is this free roaming like the previous game,or is it strictly mission based?

Can one unlock new techniques and combos?

Is it better or worse than the previous one?

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User Info: smokyshine

7 years ago#4
This game have the option to Unlockable the option of password in final of game, some password you know already? Thanks

Obs: You have deafeat "Stajyun" for unlock this option.
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