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User Info: gabutanken23

9 months ago#1
I just bought a tekken tag tournament 2 for my ps3 unfortunately the free online pass is expired (wasted my money yeah)

You guys have extra??

User Info: ThePWBPoster

8 months ago#2
I wouldn't recommend it but try searching online and in other forums. I recall I got a Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale pass looking around, and that game is also pretty old now.
What you looking at?

User Info: 56K

8 months ago#3
Is it possible to buy one on the PS Store?
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User Info: Lord_Wombat

8 months ago#4
It's $10 on PSN.
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User Info: Kira92

7 months ago#5
I bought ttt2 for ps3 second hand and since the online pass was already used I can't get on line. Could someone pass me an unused pass online because I don't want to give up 10 € for a new account

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