Which characters do you main?

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User Info: wab_web_wub

5 years ago#31
Nina and Kunimitsu
May pick up Dr B and Unknown for a sub-team when they're released
This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off

User Info: TacoWhales

5 years ago#32
Lili and asuka
My 2 favorite characters ever from Tekken 5 and was really happy When they introduced a storyline for both of them.
http://i.imgur.com/RePPS.png - D4rk You are awesome for making this :)

User Info: Lunamagahara

5 years ago#33
Yoshimitsu is the only character I can call my main
I try maining other characters but it just doesn't work out as well as Yoshimitsu does
Luna Post.

User Info: stugefrued

5 years ago#34
I mainly use eddy/christie.
I'm also decent with lee, lars, feng, asuka, law, hwoarang kazuya devil jin and alisa

User Info: windrazorx

5 years ago#35
Jack-6 and Kuni. No synergy but idc.
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User Info: KenGi1226

5 years ago#36
Hwoarang Alex now
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User Info: xxHerchxx

5 years ago#37
Lars and Asuka.

User Info: lumlumlummm

5 years ago#38
Lun-Sei posted...
lumlumlummm posted...

That's one team I want to learn! Care to give me some tips?

Haha, honestly? No, I can't. I'm pretty crap at this game, so I'm the one looking for tips D :
GT: nadgess | SCV: Voldo | SF3: Necro | TTT2: Dragunov/???

User Info: KotickIsKing

5 years ago#39
Lee 'cause he's the Übermensch chinaman.
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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#40
Kunimitsu/Yoshimitsu is my main team, though I use Michelle/Julia almost as much. Leo is my current, and so far only, solo character I use.
John Lennon, 1940 - (Infinite Symbol)
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