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User Info: jason19192

6 years ago#1
Which character did you enjoy more? - Results (271 votes)
35.79% (97 votes)
64.21% (174 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Ellie for me, she's just a badass.

User Info: Peridiam

6 years ago#2
Ellie, even though I loved Joel.
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User Info: SockNight

6 years ago#3
Ellie, without her I couldn't enjoy the adventure as much.

User Info: hyperknees91

6 years ago#4
Ellie was more likable, Joel was more interesting.

So I'll give the nudge to Joel.

User Info: PrinnyOfJustice

6 years ago#5
Joel....he got guts. His determination to survive is the best and to think of all that he has been through,and still manages to pull off the stunts he does....He is a true survivor.
Gotta protect the innocents and strike the evil,dood!

User Info: ss3goku39

6 years ago#6
I like them both. But when I narrow it all down ill have to go with Ellie.

User Info: ToadWarrior

6 years ago#7
They're both great, but gotta go with Ellie...

Probably my favourite game character this gen.

User Info: Radiergumy

6 years ago#8
LOVED ellie but for me joel was just awesome. That mans determination in every part of that game was amazing.

User Info: dxb020100

6 years ago#9
I'm going to be lame and say that I like what they are together more than each on his or her own.

User Info: goodlyoak

6 years ago#10
Joel is a beast, definitely the best male character I seen in a game.
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