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User Info: Sherlock_H

8 years ago#1

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User Info: Nytemare457

8 years ago#2
Terrible idea.

Would only work if the main character had a mental disability, and if he did the story telling would be a bit...painful

User Info: OmniVoid

8 years ago#3
What? No.


The concept is much less realistic than that of KS. I wouldn't play it.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

8 years ago#4
I don't think so. I mean hell I'd play it but i don't know... Being physically disabled and having a mental disability is completely different. From your link it seems like they want to focus on bipolar and stuff like that. I don't know how well that would go but I guess time will tell... I think there would be some outrage as far as you are taking advantage of girls with mental disorders...

Yume Miru Kusuri focuses on "mental" disorders sort of (I guess it more focuses on social issues). It focusing on the psychological problems of bullying, drugs, and "interpersonal." I wouldn't mind playing another VN like that.

Maybe a combination of their idea with Yume Miru Kusuri. A game that focuses on social issues and the psychological problems they cause. Drugs, Prostitution, Abuse, Bullying, etc.

Another idea would be 7 girls based on the 7 deadly sins. Surely there is something like that already? It seems the 7 deadly sins work their way into video games and movies and animes quite often.

pride - Popular preppy girl who thinks of herself above all
envy - Poor girl who wants what she can't have
gluttony - Flashy, wasteful, and excessive girl.
lust - Slutty girl
anger - Verbally/physically abusive girl
greed - Girl who tries to take everything from others
sloth - Lazy, burnout girl

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User Info: StriderVM

8 years ago#5
OldDirtyCR's pretty spot on for me. Yume Miru Kusuri is as close as mental problems as you can possibly do before going over into boring. Otherwise nearly every heroine in that game will sound like Kenji.
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User Info: vanek_pi

8 years ago#6
A game about mental disorders could really be a problem. I would imagine you would want to be in the "mind" of the mental disorder to get good writing. As far as actual disorders go, there is Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Narcolepsy to name a few. Just looking at Wikipeda there looks to be almost 100 or so listed and probably tons more that aren't.
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User Info: synthetiksin

8 years ago#7
Like I said before, it's a bad idea. First off, people with hardcore mental problems NEED professional help, NOT relationships. Relationships can come after. People with hardcore mental problems are not in the right state of mind to BE in a relationship in the first place. Getting help is a process that can span quite a bit of time, which would make a linear timeline VN to skip around and become disjointed.

Mild problems will be hard to follow. I have rapid cycle bipolar disorder and I've lost a lot of relationships because of it, it was not really of my choosing. The biggest problem was communication and understanding the whole picture. Also, unlike in KS, most everyone is mentally stable enough to actual understand what they are getting themselves into. None of the girls needed any type of "fixing" and the disabilities they possessed were mostly a secondary trait. It was more like a nice girl who is blind rather than a blind girl who is nice, if that make sense.

Light cases makes the game basically just like real life. Will probably make the story very cut and dry.

I did see some of the concept characters and they're of bad taste.

User Info: Erpy

8 years ago#8
Rin's path is already a pretty nice example of the barriers you can run into when trying to date someone on the autistic spectrum.

Overall, though, you can't apply the KS formula directly to mental issues. They're a lot more complex.

User Info: Syfa

8 years ago#9
I used to have some pretty serious issues with depression... Physical disabilities can be worked around, mental disabilities/problems can *quickly* make a person pretty unlovable at times, after all it's pretty hard to love someone who doesn't *like* themselves.

At best I see a project like this having a whole bunch of hard to engage / unrelatable characters, at worst I see these characters as being tasteless and psychotic. The big thing about mental issues like depression is that they're in some ways *much* harder to cope with than physical issues, people who were once diagnosed with depression never really have it go away - they can be better for quite a while and then a few simple things can quickly trigger a very full and very destructive relapse... and that's just for one of the more common (and I hate to say it - mundane -) mental issues. Relapses can come quickly and they're terrifying cause they leave you feeling horrifyingly helpless and just to emphasize - very simple things can trigger this stuff depending on the severity of diagnoses.

Things like being bi-polar, schizophrenic, or having borderline personality can be much, much harder to deal with. One of my friends had a schizophrenic grandmother that she lived with... most of the times she was normal, then every once and a while she was off the wall psychotic. In these psychotic episodes she could saying some pretty horrifying things (for someone who was really a sweet old lady while medicated) and threatening / attempting to do crazy things, she once came after my friend with a knife.

I really don't think a game focusing on mental disabilities could portray them with due gravity, and still remain appropriately respectful, dignified and tasteful.
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