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  3. Does this game have a harem ending?

User Info: SizzleBacon

9 years ago#1

User Info: peteyboo

9 years ago#2
No, but it has a MANLY PICNIC ending.
Gee, it sure is boring around here. *rolls eyes*
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User Info: RenamonFOX

9 years ago#3
No. If that's the sort of attitude you have coming into the game, you may be disappointed. The sex isn't omnipresent, and you have to go through half a day's worth of reading to get to what little there is.
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User Info: aneed4peed

9 years ago#4
Oh I would have loved a Harem ending!
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User Info: MegaManZ3ro

9 years ago#5
Well, KIND OF if you...*Shizune spoilers*

Choose to sleep with Misha, which results in Shizune's bad end but meh. You get to do it with two girls in one route, but it really isn't all that satisfying and I'd hazard a guess that that's the most you'll get in a route.

I don't think Hisao's heart could handle a harem xD
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  3. Does this game have a harem ending?
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