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User Info: marioparty17

6 years ago#1
i going to steam off for a bit
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User Info: BluBat8891

6 years ago#2
I beat it too after coming back to it from putting it away for a few months. The death toll is embarrassing.
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User Info: weregoingunion

6 years ago#3
Now try clearing all the User levels. There are some tough ones. I beat *all* of them with every trinket EXCEPT for the one trinket in the level that I forget the name of, but it's the one that has a nearly impossible trinket that requires you to go up about 8 screens and come back down to the bottom, similar to the one in the main game. I used invincibility to get that one for the sake of completion, but I think that one is nearly impossible. I would love to see someone actually do it.

Then try to do the time trials. Those are pretty damn hard to get a V rank.

Good job though!
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