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  3. so i completed the game with 19 trinkets...

User Info: RomanticWaluigi

6 years ago#1
And got the last one by talking to the character in the trinket room. This automatically teleports me to the secret lab, and since I cannot save in here my file always shows 19 trinkets when I reset. I know there's a topic on this but I wanted to clear it up.

Now, I don't mind so much if this is just a glitch, but I have a few questions.

Firstly, I cannot complete the jukebox since I can never have 20 trinkets. To get around this I unlocked the songs in the jukebox through the main menu. However, this unlocked more than just one song so I was wondering what the normal way of getting them is.

Secondly, I want to know if I'm actually missing out on anything by not being able to play with 20 trinkets, like a secret ending or something.

Finally I wanted to ask about the gravity mode in the secret lab. As far as I can see it counts towards my death count, but this doesn't save onto my normal account. Is this normal? Also, how do you get the trophies that require you to finish the game with mess deaths? Do you simply just delete your file and start again?
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User Info: DarkWind313

6 years ago#2
IIRC, you get more than one song for getting the 20th Trinket, so that's normal.
Getting Trinkets unlocks:
Ship Jukebox
Time Trials
Secret Lab

So no, you won't be missing out on anything, since all that can be unlocked from the Options menu, and you can still access the Secret Lab anyway.

The only thing that is saved in the Secret Lab is your highest Super Gravitron time, so yeah, that's normal. Those deaths won't be added to your Save file.

To go for the fewer death trophies, just go to Start Game -> New Game.
All this erases is your Quick Save and Teleporter Save. Everything you've unlocked will still be available, and your Time Trial / Super Gravitron scores will still be there.
This will also let you have a save file with all Twenty Trinkets. Just remember to get the Trinket from Victoria before starting the Final Level this time.
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User Info: weregoingunion

6 years ago#3
Yeah restarting isn't a big deal, plus you could reply in Flip Mode to get that "medal."

After you play through the main game several times, it becomes pretty easy and you will be able to complete it with all trinkets in a pretty short amount of time.
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  3. so i completed the game with 19 trinkets...
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