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JennyHo 9 years ago#1
Do anyone know how to beat stage 4 that you can capture the 4 base but how do you beat that stage the one you have to go to upper left corner one
Panzer_Zwei 9 years ago#2
I don't think you have to do anything special other than destroying all the bases. There's 5 bases on the stage I think. Press triangle to check where they are and send a search party.

Too bad you can't go back to a previous mission or I would give you more detailed info.
nfen84life 9 years ago#3
For anyone that might be struggle with this from this point on:

Destroy the first four bases asap. You need to defeat Garma to be able to destroy the bases and you have to destroy the ones on the right first. Then rally your troops back to white base and head for the fifth. Make sure that don't destroy the Gaw that is attacking Matilda because doing so will call in reinforcement Gaws (that are near impossible to destroy) EARLY. If that isn't true then that just means that you need to be fast. Anyways after some time, char will show and once your defeat him, the option to destroy the fifth base show become available. By this time most of your troops should be in the vicinity. Have them ALL target the base. White base will attack it automatically if its close enough to the base. By this point in time those super gaws will probably be swarming white base. Ignore them, just focus on the fifth base and you should win after its destroyed.
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