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Panzer_Zwei 9 years ago#1
Gundam 0079 fans I think we might have a winner title here.

From the little time I have played the game (just beat the tutorials and first mission) this "RTS" (you can pause the action lot so go figure if it's real-time or not) take on Gundam comes as very enjoyable.

This should come as no surprise as apparently the game was developed by the same guys behind the acclaimed "Giren's Greed" series.

For those without a good understanding of the Japanese language, fear not (well, for the most part anyway). While obviously knowing a bit of Japanese helps a lot, the few tutorials in the beginning do an excellent job at baby walking you through the game's mechanics.

Maybe once you get more units and pilots, managing them could become problematic, but as far as the actual field gameplay is concerned, its all very easy to understand.

I was worried about the rumored low production values of the game, but it's not as bad as I was expecting. There's no intro movie as far as I can tell, but there are many small CGI intermissions. Some are not very fluid though.

Battle graphics are good though, like extremely detailed (you can see little people running around and everything!).

While on the field, the units while engage in battle automatically whenever they come in contact with the enemy. But you can zoom in and enter a more familiar unit vs unit battle scene where you can give your units more detailed attack orders.

Admittedly, I haven't seen much of the game, but so far I like what I've seen.
HokutoNoBen 9 years ago#2
Thanks for your impressions.

Now, is it true that you're stuck managing things from Bright's POV? When I heard about the Gihren guys making a "Gundam RTS", I was honestly hoping for the type of "scenario selection" that the mainstream Gihren games have. Maybe a bit much to hope for a possible first game in a series...?
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DingOnMy40 9 years ago#3
Just got it this game and is awesome iam liking it better than Giren's Greed
its faster you can let them battle in real time in the field or face to face vs so you can take them down faster just like some rts you have to resupply and repair. I only played the tutorial and the first mission they have amazing cg cut scene good quality music and sound effects and solid game play. Putting it down for now Still busy playing Super Robot Taisen OG Saga going to take me awhile You guys really have to check this game out and if you guys watch the anime you know the story pretty much all about white base and some side mission from other story during 0079
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Panzer_Zwei 9 years ago#4
I guess you're supposed to be Bright giving the orders, and characters do seem to be talking to Bright while on the field, but honestly it doesn't make much difference.

Bright isn't even voiced, and there's no specific plot events devoted to him at all.

By the way, now that I've advanced further into the game, some gameplay and other flaws have become apparent :

1. While it's true units will fight on their own while on the field, they do pitful damage this way. For example, you can order a gundam to attack an squadron of tanks, but minutes can pass without it being able to destroy them. However, if you enter the battle mode it will make shortwork of them within seconds.

2. You can't order multiple units to move at the same time, which is a big bummer considering there will be tons and tons of units for you to command.

3. Selecting some of your units currently on the field can be difficult. You can push X to toggle the White Horse right away, but there doesn't seem to be a button to toggle/switch between your other units.

4. The game (so far, mind you) is very, very easy. Your mech units can totally decimate the enemy, even those over 20 levels above of yours.

5. A lot of the ace pilot portraits have been rehashed from the original Giren's Greed : Blood of Zeon. Normal pilots don't even have portraits.

6: You can level up the White Base crew, but this feels more like an afterthough.

Overall, the game is definitely high quality, and it's very easy to understand and play. However, it is not without its flaws.
A7thSteve 9 years ago#5
His question was about scenarios, as in, is it just one campaign, like you controlling Federation forces the whole time, or can you pick different levels with Zeon as well?
Panzer_Zwei 9 years ago#6
A7thSteve posted...
His question was about scenarios, as in, is it just one campaign, like you controlling Federation forces the whole time, or can you pick different levels with Zeon as well?

Well, unless you unlock an extra campaign upon completing the game (I haven't yet) - Yes, its basically the White Horse scenarios from the Federation campaign.

Seems doubtful though, given the game title, but I don't want to speak ahead.

I only really hope you can unlock some sort of advanced difficulty setting, because for an strategy game the difficulty in this game is awfully low.
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  3. Just got it *very early impressions*
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