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User Info: FarMaster2008

8 years ago#1
The game was okay I guess. it looked decent graphics wise. There were some open boss fight levels that took place outdoors with HD type swinging sections which were really fun! Most of the game was indoor, and combat got repetitive at times, web rush mechanic works really great here and it is really fun to do stealth maneuvers. The story was really good actually I wasn't expecting the story to be so good. But it was an alright game lol I still wish we had gotten those free roam moments

User Info: sketchturner

8 years ago#2
How does it compare to Shattered Dimensions?
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

8 years ago#3
It was weird starting off the game in 1st person. After that, it didnt 'really grab my attention. I'll try it again later but so far its a resounding meh which is usual for downgraded Wii licensed 3rd party movie games..

User Info: noteventripping

8 years ago#4
This is the worst Spider Man game on the Wii, it makes Friend or Foe look good by comparison. Totally awful in just about every way.

User Info: Scripts

8 years ago#5
what costumes are in the game?

User Info: Ispeakthetruth8

8 years ago#6
Greatest game evur, am I rite?
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