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User Info: GREEN00

6 years ago#1
Japanese games deserve better than to be digital only overseas. I do not support that precedent and will choose to not support games that receive that treatment.

I'm willing to buy an english version of Crimson Shroud for $40 by itself if that's the route Level 5 chooses.
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User Info: yukito

6 years ago#2
I agree with your sentiment. I'm not buying anything off of eshop until Nintendo begins their account system, anyway, but it is a shame that a lot of really interesting games are either not localized at all or relegated to download-only status if they do cross the pond.

Still, I prefer a translated version rather than no version, so depending on price I might still buy DD versions if it were the only way. :(
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User Info: Monkmaster79

6 years ago#3
TC, that way of thinking always confounds me. It's the same with console loyalty.
You're limiting yourself with that way thinking.
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