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  3. So, the game is out. Anyone have it?

User Info: GREEN00

7 years ago#1
I'm most interested in impressions of Crimson Shroud.
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User Info: akwan_tarot

7 years ago#2
I am planning to get it tomorrow, if I can find it, that is.

I have read some Japanese reviews. The more detailed reviewers like the game. As expected, most are attracted to buy the package for Crimson Shroud and/or Kaihou Shoujo. Reportedly these two are good, but many are also pleasantly surprised to find out that the other two are also good and addictive.

But beware that Crimson Shroud is very text-heavy. In fact, it is an RPG for which the graphical interface (world/dungeon maps) is replaced by text. You can't enjoy the game if you can't read Japanese, even if you have a Japanese 3DS to play imports on.

Also, these games are somewhat difficult. Not crazy difficult, but you may be struggling if you are used to overly easy games like most recent RPGs.

User Info: gema9923

7 years ago#3
I posted some impressions in 3DS board, not very detailed but you can have a look.
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  3. So, the game is out. Anyone have it?
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