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User Info: AikoSunset

1 month ago#11
awesomegameswag posted...
I just need Great Alpaca Wool
That is a great idea :-/ I just hate the idea of not getting my chance at the Mango & Banana guess and there is a blue print waiting for me at that one placeb(build ten becons) I'll have to suck it up :-/

The pets just require petting and eating. I believe I was not doing one of these they (all 4) have 2 1/2 hearts now

The pets take longest to level up their hearts. If you have time you can take them to the fair grounds and throw their toy once a day, but it is such a pain...

As for the wool, you can get it through trading, even random trading because you can get animal products from milking and shearing others' animals and your bound to find an alpaca with great quality sooner or later.

Doing lots of random trade and collecting animal products and selling the extra is the fastest way to make money. Other people just need to be able trading same time as you. Also taking care of your animals cuts down on in game time and you can get their hearts to rise faster.
FC: 0963 - 4562 - 3090
IGN: Aiko at Sunset Farm

User Info: awesomegameswag

1 month ago#12

Aiko but due to a sever and firewall issue I can't trade atm
I think its call 006-018 something all 3ds(xl) trading seververs have beeen block and not by my ISP>< the network admin did this or his server/firewall did this themselves.

Yes it's a real pain with the pets. I just pick them up and feed them. It takes longer but I'm on TR5 and I relly need a load of I think lumber maybe ita mat. stone. I forgot. Its not for Sanjay and Amir house because I got that one done first.
Witchie house just need Acient (something) from the East I think I need 5 more but I want my Alpaca to be producing Great for the Green House. >< I made the mistake thinking it was a llama :-P *SNAFU*

User Info: awesomegameswag

1 month ago#13
Thanks Aiko for the tip about waiting untill I had money

I have 1 Alpaca producing great but I want two
Land of the East hear I come

And Witchie Gives you the Mechanical Lion Yes.
I so lost the Critter Festival :-/ because I woke up @ 7a but I heard this one was a hard one to win ehh the cooking festival is up and that one was the first one I won :-D
Later Gamers

User Info: awesomegameswag

1 month ago#14
I feel like I just won the lottery
I got the fragments for the jet pack
This is almost better than when I found two shiny vulpix in Pokemon Sun :-D *almost*

User Info: awesomegameswag

1 month ago#15
cannot change flair
sorry :-<

User Info: awesomegameswag

1 month ago#16
oookay what is the purpose of Feline Friend my cats just have hearts and music notes and follow me around
is this just eye-candy :-?
ugggghhhhh there are waaaayyyyy to many festival I neeeeedddd to go to the east and Amir to get back asap I got a music note to get before I build Witchie House >< One more Festival I swear why cant you guys just close early :-p (coughs like in RF4)

User Info: PashuWarrior

4 weeks ago#17
K , I have no idea what you two are talking about ..yet , but I added you both and I'm serious about moving forward in this game
My friend code is 1607-8288-5791 my name is Pashu

User Info: awesomegameswag

1 week ago#18
Oh I'm so very sorry but my server blocked all my wifi trades on my 3dsxl trades. I'll add you anyway incsse it ever starts working :....(
Have you ever gotten Feline Friend (green house)
I have not figured out what these arr for yetm:-/
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