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  3. Which characters are good in each type?

User Info: yoyoyo333

4 years ago#1
I'm wondering which characters are worth leveling, there are just too many to try each one for 20 levels or so.. I like unique ish weapon types usually, could you guys recommend a few good/strong/OP folks from each typing? (speed/power/etc)
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User Info: douglasrad

4 years ago#2
I'm not sure of the types off the top of my head, but some good ones are

Xu shu (fun mobile moveset and OP r1)
Ryu (c2)
Susano'o (awesome in general)
Orochi X (awesome in general, c4 regenerates health and musou)
Xiahou ba (r1 makes him stupidly fast)
Sima zhao (my favorite starting character, c3 combo kills almost anything)
Zhao yun (c3 slaughters single targets)
The claw dude. I forget his name
Fu xi (self sustaining musou attack with osmosis)
Zhou Tu (the DW katana dude)
Rachel (fun to play and nice to look at)
Guan Yu (massive musou attack)
Ginchiyo tachibana (long combos, cool weapon, unlocks early)
Mitsuhige (r1 and air r1 work great together, especially with osmosis.)

That's just a short list. I found it fun to run through the story on easy using recommended characters, using growth points as needed. That's gives you the chance to try out most of the characters.

User Info: redroses_4life

4 years ago#3
Lu Bu isn't really unique but he does use his halberd with one hand and slaughters everything with it.
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User Info: Orange9

4 years ago#4
redroses_4life posted...
Lu Bu isn't really unique but he does use his halberd with one hand and slaughters everything with it.

this person is very wise
new nezah is a boss too
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User Info: Mayocorn

4 years ago#5
I unlocked all chars and tried some but my favourite is still ginchiyo tachibana, maxed her by now and she been slaughtering everything for me. Chaoa mode/100 miasma.
She hits fast and got a big nice range with light carver and her charge atks are nice imo.
Nemea is pretty nice too but slower and da ji but i had to pretty much max her wep first before she really did lots of dmg.

Im sure most chars are pretty op with the right wep and some lvls though.

I was running brawl,agility,reach,slay,wind,ice,bolt,brilliance but changed to icebolt,windslay and added multi and typhoon i think, mostly for gauntlet mode and it works really well on ginchiyo for me

User Info: Taterzz

4 years ago#6
3 members with thrift, with a samurai warriors character at the helm. infinite musou spam, invincibility all the while. i usually go with motochika cause he rocks everyone's world.
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User Info: GanNingFan

4 years ago#7
Kiyomasa has the fastest offense with his powerful and super short R1. His stage completion time in Chaos Mode is considerably the fastest. C5 will do the trick draining back health and Musou.

Susano'o, Keiji Maeda, Orochi X are next to Kiyomasa though. They have overkill moves but just not as fast as Kiyomasa.

Zhang Jiao with triple thrift and Belt of concentration can abuse Musou constantly.

Fuxi's Air R1 is the most powerful elemental R1.
Mitsuhide is another one of the best elemental R1 spammer.
Guan Yu's EX buffed Musou is extremely powerful, with deceptively large radius, 360 degree, and unblockable AoE.

Zhou Yu has that overpowered C5-EX
Ayane has infinite Musou with Bombast. Now she can have infinite Musou with triple thrift like Motochika and No in WO3 vanilla.

Now Nene, Mitsuhide, Ayane can do the same as No and Motochika in WO3 vanilla if you team up your members correctly.
May work on WO3U.
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