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    Weapon Abilities?
    credit to Tsuruke

    This is just a list of all the Weapon Abilities that can but used on a Weapon and during Weapon Fusion. This might come in handy for those in the Weapon Fusion that don't want to back out just to check which ability is which (when deciding to get rid of abilities)

    Normal Abilities (Can be stacked to strengthen)
    Flame - Envelops enemy in flame, inflicting additional damage.
    Ice - Occasionally freezes enemy, rendering them unable to move.
    Bolt - Inflicts damage commensurate with enemy Life Gauge Max, and stuns them.
    Wind - Makes Attacks unblockable and inflicts damage relative to enemy's Life Gauge max.
    Slay - Inflicts damage commensurate with enemy Life Gauge Max, and can defeat enemy soldiers with one blow.
    Agility - Increase attack speed.
    Reach - Increase attack range.
    Chronos - Increase the time between attacks before a combo is terminated.
    Brawn - Increase damage inflicted by Normal Attacks.
    Might - Increase damage inflicted by Charge Attacks.
    Destruction - Increase damage inflicted by Musou Attacks.
    Cavalier - Increase damage inflicted by Mounted Attacks.
    Frenzy - Increase damage inflicted by Special Attack.
    Flak - Increase damage inflicted upon Airborne Enemies.
    Blast - Increase damage inflicted with projectile and shockwave attacks.
    Courage - Increase attack strength when fighting enemy officers.
    Absorption - Absorbs enemy Life when inflicting damage.
    Osmosis - Absorbs enemy Musou when inflicting damage.
    Celerity - Occasionally doubles movement speed upon defeating an enemy officer.
    Prosperity - Weapon boxes occasionally appears upon defeating an enemy officer.
    Providence - Item Box occasionally appears upon defeating an enemy officer.
    Guerdon - Gems occasionally appear upon defeating an enemy officer.
    Wisdom - Mini XP occasionally appear upon defeating an enemy officer.
    Diligence - EXP is more easily acquired.
    Industry - Proficiency raises more easily.
    Harmony - Weapon Compatibility improves more quickly.

    Gold/Rare Abilities* (Cannot be stacked to strengthen)
    Brilliance - Imbues all attacks with attributes when Musou Gauge is full.
    Echo - Sends shockwaves out from enemies against whom an attack has been successfully landed.
    Typhoon - Triggers whirlwinds with Normal Attacks.
    Confluence - True Triple Attack Gauge fills more quickly when attacking.
    Multi - Produces doubles, and makes them attack the enemy.
    Verity - Allows True Musou Attacks to be produced regardless of Life Gauge status.

    * Rare abilities are acquired on Hard/Chaos Difficulties. The higher the Stage's difficulty (stars) with the actual difficulty you select the more chances of you acquiring Rare Abilities on Weapons.
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