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    Lu Bu

    Yes, he is in this game, why can't you unlock him? Because there is a special way of doing it that is slightly mentioned in dialogue that you are unable to have repeated. With Diao Chan unlocked and in your party, head to chapter 3's Siege of Osaka Castle, and make sure Lu Bu lives until he switches to your side. Then clear the stage and the man is yours.

    Other notable unlock characters are Sun Wukong, Orochi, Orochi X, Nezha, Dodomeki, Gyuki, Susanoo, and Kiyomori Taira. These characters are unlocked by clearing the 3 endings in the game. (This requires unlocking all the other characters).

    Who did Tecmo-Koei bring in this installment?

    Everyone from Dynasty Warriors 7 / Xtreme Legends, and Dynasty Warriors 5 in the case of Zuo Ci. As well as everyone from all 3 installments of Samurai Warriors 3. They also included all characters added so far in the Warriors Orochi world; Yosh!tsune Minamoto, Kiyomori Taira, Da Ji, Taigong Wang, Fu Xi, Nu Wa, Himiko, Sun Wukong, Orochi, Orochi X, Gyuki, and Dodomeki.

    New characters are as follows

    Kagyua, a mystic who has the ability of time travel. Wields branches, mirrors, and lasers.

    Nezha, a mystic and right hand man (yes a man) of Susanoo. Wields spinning discs.

    Susanoo, leader of the mystic forces (assumed). Wants to imprison Orochi for eternity. Wields a Sword specifically crafted for snake killing :D

    Shuten-Doji, part of Orochi, wields a giant gord.

    Ryu Hayabusa, from the famed Ninja Gaiden series of which he is the star character. Introduced in the Battle of Anegawa. Anegawa has parts of modern day Japan mixed into the map.

    Joan of Arc, from Bladestorm: The Hundred Year war, introduced in the Battle of Mt Dingjun. Dingjun has parts of Medieval Europe mixed into the map.

    Achilles, from Warriors: Legends of Troy, introduced in the Battle of Nanzhong. Nanzhong has parts of Greek Architecture mixed in, as well as a Trojan Horse.

    Nemea, from Trinity: Souls of Zill o'll, introduced in the Battle of Kyushu. Kyushu has parts of the Zill o'll world mixed into it.

    and finally

    Ayane, from Dead or Alive, as well as Ninja Gaiden, introduced in the Battle of Hasedo. Hasedo has parts of Dead or Alive in it.
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