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  3. Beat all stages on survival mode with a friend using Chops and Defender.

User Info: Project5Boss

8 years ago#1
These characters are the best combination IMO for beating Survival mode and here's why.

- Chops has insane revival speed, if your partner gets bopped use a decoy or war boar and you can quickly revive him.
- Chops gets 20% off Tequila allowing her revive her health if things get hairy.
- Chops weak offensive stats turn into a serious advantage when you use her Uzi. I usually spam the Uzi especially on bigger enemies because it earns a ****ton of money. So much so that I usually have 2x the amount of money as my friend has. This means that in later stages Chops can go crazy buying a boar, a decoy, a barrage, a turret, fireballer and a thumper for the cheap big zombies.

- The Defender disarms bombs extremely fast.
- He gets 20% of all weapons.
- 20% off all turrets which come in handy in later stages because it obstructs enemy movement and many enemies focus on destroying it allowing you space to either revive a dead partner or buy Tequila for health.

A few tips if you use Chops since I main female characters.

I use the Katana and Uzi loadout. You sacrifice damage for long combos and multi hitting assaults which build a lot of money. Money is essential for consistently beating survival mode and the chicks build a lot of it. In Wave 3 I think, the big guys arrive. I usually have my friend(the Defender) pick off the small guys while I spam the Uzi on the big guys earning me massive amounts of cash.

I usually try to correlate thousands of dollars to the wave I am on. So if I am on Wave 5..I like to have at least 5k in money which is possible if you abuse the Uzi. On Stages 6 and 12 which the giant boss...don't outright kill him with traps or munition, try your best to play a game of tag with him. Have you and your partner shot him to death while he chases you around. For the love of god please run away the instant he closes the distance, he has absurd range on his attacks. Also be mindful of his moon jump, he can defy physics and drift in the air towards you if you aren't careful.

This should allow you to rack up a big amount of money to use later. Try not to use money until Stage 18 when you fight the boss a third time when he is backed up by hoards of gunmen and such. If you're skillful you can abuse him for more money but with tons of bombers coming in and gun men all over it isn't the smartest idea. Decoys and boars will serve you well here.

Against the big zombies, you never EVER engage them in melee combat. They have absurd speed on their attacks and if they crowd you, your roll will be useless and you'll be hit by a second attack.

Big Zombies come on stage 19, 23, 27 and 30. Both you and your opponent should set up Turrets, Fireballers, Decoys and war Boars. This should distract the zombies long enough for you to pick them off at a safe distance. If you have enough space buy a thumper as it will destroy any enemy in one shot. Use it only on the big guys as they are the real threat.

Of course as soon as the barrage is available you will then see the reason for saving so much money. Put down as many barrages as you can both you and your partner. It takes a while before you can buy it again but who cares..it is worth it. Use them especially for wave 27 and 30 with the Zombie boss. if you have enough..spam it until you can safely acquire victory. They are life savers if you need to disarm bombs or revive your partner. Beware that before the missiles actually hit you can get clipped by a random attack. So don't slack up until everything is dead.

Hope this helps, sorry for the long read.
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  3. Beat all stages on survival mode with a friend using Chops and Defender.
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