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  3. Is there anyone who plays this that isnt a complete SCRUB!

User Info: DrFeelgood1235

9 years ago#1
Jeez, this is insane how many people suck horribly at this game.

I'm talkin, pullin the lever on the farm level too much, jumping into the grinder themselves...dying over and over and its jus wave 4!

OMG if anyone out there wants to take a real shot at wave 30, hit me up. And please, someone i won't have to hold no dead weight with.

I've reached 30, but never beat it.

Anyway, hit me up. Comfortblynumb12
"You lock the door and throw away the key.
There's someone in my head, but its not me" Dark side of the moon

User Info: Psychopatetique

9 years ago#2
I'll give it a try. I need a partner to play the survival maps and get the trophies. I'll try not to desapoint you :)
Mess With the Best, Die Like the Rest!

User Info: Spirituous

9 years ago#3
Feel free and add me. I'm always up for some good ol' survival mode.
And I understand how you feel, many people just don't know how to play this game at all.

I had someone last night join survival mode on the farm map. They literally stood in one spot the entire time and spammed the dual pistols over and over again.

On the church map, I've had people stand right by the fire vents on the right side of the screen when I'm tossing enemies down there (works great against zombies) and they stay in the fire getting burned refusing to move, just so they can hoard the gold drops.

I've also had people on the boat map not arm the harpoons and while I'm busy shooting the one harpoon, they hoard all the gold for themselves, not even focusing on surviving the waves, just massing gold.

The game is great (and free for PSN + users), but like all online games, you will have people who join just to ruin your online experience. If anybody joins like that, I'd suggest you simply quit the game and remake it. There's no need to deal with that kind of crap honestly.
PSN: SirSpirituous
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  3. Is there anyone who plays this that isnt a complete SCRUB!
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