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User Info: Syggys

9 years ago#1
Shank is still £9.99, and Shank 2 is only £7.99. Seems a little bizarre.

Anyway I missed out on the first one and then totally forgot about it. Thought i'd buy it before Shank 2, but I have a feeling if I buy it now it'll probably go on offer in the next week or two and i'll feel like a dingbat. Oh well its only a few quid I guess.
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User Info: Wozman23

9 years ago#2
I always thought more games should follow this pricing structure. The first game requires you to create an entire game from scratch, which takes a lot of time and money. A sequel already has a strong foundation to build upon. It just needs a fresh coat of paint and some tweaks, which shouldn't be as hard to develop.

Trine released at $20. Trine 2 was $15.
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User Info: Syggys

9 years ago#3
That.. actually does make perfect sense.
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User Info: whyterose86

9 years ago#4
It's cheaper than the original bc there is less content overall. Shank had 10 or 12 levels I believe and shank 2 only has 8. The original also offered a completely separate co-op campaign, and shank 2 has a co- op mode but no campaign. The sequel does have collectibles and in game challenges tho

User Info: jammies

9 years ago#5
Because 1 is a better game.
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User Info: Lao_Nash_Epyon

9 years ago#6
I don't know...the campaigns were about the same, but the co-op in two was more fun imo.

Well, except for the boss fights.
Figuring out the gimmick and winning in Shank 1 Co Op was awesome.

Overall, single player campaigns about the same, and 2 had better co op.
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User Info: superbuu3

9 years ago#7
If you can play this co-op locally shank 1 is better, if you can't then get shank 2.

Overall i think shank 1 is a much better game in terms of design, controls are tighter in 2, but you can't switch weapons while playing and need to pause the game to do so, which breaks game flow.

Campaign has an extremely dull story in 2, whereas 1 has better voice acting, and story for both campaigns which are longer. Boss fights re harder in 1 but a lot more fun, whereas in 2, they are all basically the same, and its very easy to run and just shoot the boss in 2. This is never an option in the first shank.
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