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User Info: Video_G_JRPG

5 years ago#1
is tales of Innocence R compatible with PS TV?

Also does anyone know if Tales of Rebirth is compatible on PS TV? Loads of classics are not compatible for no reason at all so if anyone knows please answer quick cause this will be probably taken down for not being Zestiria related but alas i had no choice all the japan version boards are dead for years :(.

It would be awesome to play these on the big screen, without a jap ps2.
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User Info: TyrantLowKey

5 years ago#2
Not sure about Tales of Rebirth (I have it imported but it's a UMD so I can't really test it out), but Tales of Innocence R is compatible w/ the PSTV. After Zesteria, I plan on tackling that game.
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User Info: ebbhead1991

5 years ago#3
I've played Innocence R (physical copy) on my American PSTV.

I would like to know also if the Japanese Tales games on PSP are also compatible, but won't spend the Yen until there's a sale.

On that note, do any of you know how to best track when things go on sale on the Japanese PSN? Like a (primarily English) website you could recommend? Thanks in advance!
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