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  3. Does the 100% story guide include all side content?

User Info: fohstick

1 month ago#1

currently i'm following the guide above, but i found another one tilted "100% checklist":


The 100% checklist mentions about superbosses. Are these missable in the 1st playthrough if I follow the first guide?
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User Info: Stickinsect2

3 weeks ago#2
Yes. The game had an International version, only available in Japan until this remaster was released, which introduced new superbosses, as in FFX. These superbosses are accessed through the Creature Creator feature. The first guide looks like it was written before this International version was available outside of Japan and therefore doesn't mention the Creature Creator.

The superbosses in the Creature Creator feature are missable since part of the process to unlock them involves capturing certain creatures which are only available to catch in specific chapters (e.g. the Flame Dragon in chapter 1).

You can still get the in-game 100% completion and the resulting perfect ending if you do none of the Creature Creator stuff. In general when people talk about 100% with regards to this game they are talking about what you have to do to get the perfect ending, and you don't necessarily have to do everything in the game to get the perfect ending. Besides the Creature Creator I think there are also some optional dungeons which aren't required for 100%.

It looks like besides the fact that it's more up to date, the second guide is more oriented around getting you to explore everything the game has to offer, rather than just narrowly focusing on getting the perfect ending. So I would recommend the second guide if that is your goal.
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User Info: simondrake

2 weeks ago#3
I had the official guide to FFX-2 after release. I did the first playthrough blind then a second one to get 100% using the guide.

At some point in Chapter 2 it tells you how to do a task and there different prizes depending on the outcome but none are that exciting.

Then in Chapter 5 it says "Do you remember this event in Chapter 2? I hope you picked outcome B otherwise you can't get 100% and need to restart the whole game!"

I went back to check and at that section of Chapter 2 it doesn't recommend any options it just treats it as a casual choice. It's not fair to have the guide turn around 50 pages later and say "Hope you chose an option I didn't tell you about!"

It's not as bad as the FFIX official guide that had typos and German text all through it for some reason but it still stings 20 years later.
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  3. Does the 100% story guide include all side content?
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