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  3. Would this be a good idea for a FFX challenge?

User Info: Insensitivity

1 month ago#1
Never done a FFX challenge before, do you think this would be a good idea?

  • No Steal.
  • No Bribe.
  • No Use.
  • No Mix.
  • No Blitzball.
  • No Escape.
  • No Spare Change.
  • No Zanmato.
  • No Aeon's Soul
  • Ability Nodes Only

Aeons will be weak because it's ANO and No Aeon's Soul. Customize will be limited because of No Steal/Bribe/Blitz. Support skills won't be trivialized by Mix/Use. The idea itself is appealing to me. Use only what the game gives you directly through chests/progression, not by stealing or bribing. Also don't be an Al-bhed heathen by using OP items.

I don't have much knowledge of FFX though, so if this challenge is completely trivial somehow, I might just remove ANO, and have fun with it being an almost normal play-through.

User Info: brookesybomb

2 weeks ago#2
this would be impossible since you cant use stat nodes. in which case, later fights would require some item usage which you wouldnt be to use (no use/mix)

you cant get some OP customises (no steal/bribe) either, with a run like this you hit a big brick wall around macalana and then likely not get past Everea on the airship. But BFA would be 100% impossible with no stat nodes and no item useage when you cant use Aeon Overdrives/zanmotto

User Info: Insensitivity

2 weeks ago#3
I see, thanks for the response. I ended up just playing normally on that run, after basically not touching anything up to Chocobo Eater.

Do you think there are any tweaks which would keep it interesting but doable? Maybe a limited amount of stat nodes? The main concept which appeals to me is making use of your skills more than items/mix/armors/grinding. This game might not be the best for it though. I was very excited about Zombie as a status, but it was barely applicable.

Also, I didn't restrict Aeon Overdrives except Zanmato, just no artificial upgrading of the Aeons. In my normal run, Bahamut ended up being absurdly OP without even touching him though, so I see why people usually ban Aeons. lol

User Info: The_Juice_

1 week ago#4
Most of those aren't anything crazy, minus invalidating Rikku the only one you'd notice is the last one.

Not sure how hard you're looking for so I'm not sure what to recommend. I will say a typical start for anything is only power/speed/agility/ability spheres, and maybe original grid within that. Even just the strength sphere from winning blitz can snap the difficulty of a ton of the game, and things like sharing it between tidus and auron on the expert grid can let you ohko most enemies for a huge chunk of the game.

Beyond that, teleport / black magic / friend etc spheres can do silly things if you know how to apply them efficiently. While you listed a lot of the blatantly broken stuff, I'd argue the grid itself is the biggest thing since it requires 0 effort to break. Maybe original grid, no deviations of grid, no grind or limited encounters (maybe like x amount per area that you don't flee from) might be a start?
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  3. Would this be a good idea for a FFX challenge?
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