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User Info: Chuckiebear

1 month ago#1
Closing in on having a "complete" game (full stats, nemisis, top gear, penace, yadda yadda).

I played the game as a kid, and held the Fiend Capturing in Calm Lands for last (Ribbon and full stats make for a quicker grind, no wipes, exc)

One thing to keep in mind: The developers flat out tell you there are "hot spots" in the northwest of the calmland.

Coding is done in 1's and 0's.. encounters on this game are not random. There are areas that have higher spawn rates for certain fiends, and a soft reset DOES reset the probability.

I confirmed this in Cavern of Fayte.. gave up around 8pm last night, after searching for two hours I had only found two Tonberrys. Logged on this morning before work, found the remaining Tonberrys in a position I researched online in under 30.

It isnt luck, it is how the game is coded. Best of luck to yall~

User Info: Ikasnu

1 month ago#2
Best place to find Tonberry is in the back of the cave in the room with the glyph teleporter. Saw 10 in about 20 or so encounters.
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User Info: junctx_materia

4 weeks ago#3
Figured this would be a thing.
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