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User Info: ShadeNyx

4 weeks ago#1
Alright so, to do this you need to be in Thunder Plains and finish the fiend mission (fighting Rhyos and the boss, Humbaba). Now talk to the Al Bhed and opt to go in the hole.

This is your setup:
1) 3 Dark Knights, with Poisonproof learned (very basic ability and easy to learn).

2) Equip everyone with the Recovering Bracer for Auto-Regen (you get this by sending a lvl. 5 Chocobo to the Moonflow). This will be our Auto-Heal.

3) Equip the Thundering Wave GG. This is not necessary but it makes the process even safer, because occasionally the machina will use Electrocute on you so they heal you.
You can also use a +DEF GG, it's up to you.

4) Equip Titanium Bangles. The idea is to max out your HP (you have like 7-8k at level 65 or so), so the Auto Regen heals you for more. At this HP you get healed for 200-250hp.

5) Equip Brother (4th member) with Lure Bracer. It works even if you don't use it on your main party.

Now find a corner (wherever you like), and use a rubber-band to tilt the Left Analog Stick to the LEFT (not to the right because of battle commands). Use another rubber band and a small object (like a small battery or a pen) to put pressure onto X.
After a little while you'll get Silence and/or Darkness, but that doesn't change anything, there's no problem.

You can now safely go to bed. I recommend level 65 to try this out. This doesn't work with Lady Luck (for Double Exp) because they don't have Poisonproof (it is needed) and you can't afford to waste an accessory slot for Poisonproof.

User Info: Twl197860

2 days ago#2
Auto lvlng ffx-2 use a turbo controller or keyboard go to creature creator , arena , choose an enemy with highest xp payout your party can knock out without your assistance tape or rubber band the x button or enter key and go to work .

I guess you could go to a movie , the club or like a few others have mentioned go to bed
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