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User Info: Moogleaxelea13

2 months ago#1
Blitzball or triple triad? Which was more fun? - Results (185 votes)
48.11% (89 votes)
Triple triad
51.89% (96 votes)
When I asked you amazing FF fans what was the best FF minigame is, only these two got large amounts of votes. So which is better between these two beloved games, each with there many pros and cons?
Do you like Blitzball better because your FF8 Triple triad rules got stuck on "random" everywhere? Or Triple Triad because Blitzball takes too long and you don't have the time?
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User Info: rpggamer29

2 months ago#2
My guess is Triple Triad will win because I see more comments about it and I never even followed that board. That's what my perception tells me anyway.

But I vastly prefer Blitzball. Best mini game ever in my opinion and it could be its own game. Not so different from any other sports game. Never understood the love for Triple Triad but I've never been one that greatly enjoys cards and such. Fun every once in awhile is the extent of it.

User Info: Sunburst

2 months ago#3
Blitzball and I prefer the X-2 version. I like coaching more than playing.
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User Info: dubbyonahill

2 months ago#4
i'm gonna say TT..purely for the simple reasons

1: the rewards are better EARLY game...and end game you can be Invincible and with 255 stats on everyone

2: theres a LOT more planning and thinking Blitz once you're a higher level than your opponent (and have Nimrook) you're pretty much unbeatable and it just becomes a case of grind passing your other players

User Info: Lionheart409

2 months ago#5
I much prefer TT over BB. TT's greatest flaw is that it can be too easy once you put together a strong hand. Plus and Random mitigate this, though not without their own problems. I personally like Plus, but many find it frustrating having to do so much math to check for any possible Plus/Combo that will screw you over. That leaves those people either playing a very easy game or a very annoying game with no in between, which is why I don't tend to praise TT much. Random can feel awful, promoting modding all low level cards to avoid them being in your hand... something anyone looking for 100% should hate. I tend not to care, but its a flaw that's present.

I have far more problems with BB. Vanilla Aurochs suck to the point you can play perfectly and still lose. Unlike TT, the computer can seemingly "cheat" because of the RNG variance. I've tested the RNG variance somewhat, and consistently got unfavorable results. I tracked over 100 encounters with a clear majority being against the player. I'd be curious if anyone ever broke apart that particular RNG apart to see just how favorable/unfavorable it really is. (100 encounters isn't NEARLY a large enough sample size to make any sort of definitive statement.) The variance, along with the player being given limited options on defense, leads to that "even with perfect play" statement. Encounter distances can seem incredibly strange, and the odd lag between hitting square and the encounter actually happening has never made sense to me. OG FFX was so responsive everywhere EXCEPT there. I find it baffling.

I don't particularly like the method of learning techniques, relying on RNG both for the technique to be equipped AND for it to be used. It makes sense, logically, that watching someone else do something helps you figure out how to do it yourself, with your skill making it more likely, but it takes control out of the player's hands. Certainly not a deal breaker, but it IS a small annoyance.

I can't minimize how much I feel the balance of BB is flawed. Nimrook and Brother are both excellent examples of this. 5, 6, 8, 9, 9, 18. One of these is not like the others. To be clear, those are the starting CA values of the goalies for all of the teams. Nimrook on an opposing team means its all about getting a few good shots and hoping his 18 doesn't decide to stop a 27, and later on hope that Super Goalie doesn't activate. Brother is probably even more overpowered, with good stats across the board and a blistering 75 speed.

I enjoy both, but feel BB is quite flawed.
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User Info: AsIfByMagic

2 months ago#6
I never liked the card games, so blitzball kinda wins by default (in that it's fun once you have a decent team, but the insane amount of games you have to play for celestial s*** is a major drag).

But my favourite FF minigame by far is chocobo hot & cold from IX.

User Info: Malvordagius

2 months ago#7
Blitzball was extremely fun when I first discovered it, but it's just tedious now.

Triple Triad has never gotten boring, and I've been playing it for a lot longer.
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User Info: Ryan86

2 months ago#8
TT for me. Something I actually have some control. BB's RNG always **** me hard, it seems to over-favour the enemy. Resetting BB is the best option to get the Sigil as fast as possible, so it doesn't motivate me to build up a great team. Takes too many games to actually be rewarded with too little, as well.
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User Info: Enigma8th

2 months ago#9
rpggamer29 posted...
Not so different from any other sports game.

you do realize sports game don't stop time for every tackle/shot/pass right? the game is no more than a disguised TRPG. the FFX version at least, X-2 is indeed a sport team management game
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User Info: Kigalas

2 months ago#10
I never liked the card games, so blitzball kinda wins by default (in that it's fun once you have a decent team, but the insane amount of games you have to play for celestial s*** is a major drag).

But my favourite FF minigame by far is chocobo hot & cold from IX.

And ironically I greatly enjoy X-2 and detest VII, and both are games full of mini games.
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