2 months ago #17
    ZombieAkane posted...
    I love blitzball. It's my favorite mini game in all games, final fantasy or not.

    But it's exactly that. A mini game. And as such has flaws. The ai is dumb. The hardest bb game is the first one you ever play. So a new player will always lose, even me ive finished ffx about 10 times since I was a kid in 2001. I truly love this game and it shaped my personality as a child. Even I, can struggle with the first game. It's usually fun for me, my last play through i won 3-2 in overtime.

    Fun for me, frustrating for another.

    But once you recruit a few decent players and figure out the ais patterns you will never lose again. Not even against nimrook

    Do you still proceed through the story if you lose the first match? I have never played Blitzball before.

    I would vote for Triple Triad because I find it fun and Blitzball rather tedious (swim, pass, catch, repeat).
    Let's rock.