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User Info: Naxek

5 months ago#1
Hey all, I'm just about to beat my first SCCNC game, and I'm wondering what I should be doing for good armors in the post game? I imagine farming some Monster Arena boss or another, but would like an idea of which ones give what. Also, what's the best way to level up if I'm not customizing triple ap, overdrive ap, triple overdrive weps? (Or is it possible to find leveling up weapons, and from what?)

User Info: Fallacia

5 months ago#2
I'm not sure which character you're using. Some characters do get AP boosts from their celestial weapons. Tidus gets an Ascalon from a hidden sanubia sands location that also has double ap if I'm remembering correctly. Unless you're using Rikku with her celestial weapon though, I wouldn't actually suggest using them even if you do have a character that finds one easily.

For sphere levels, if you've picked up a stonetouch or stonestrike drop, you can quickly take out Varuna enemies if you've caught one already. Of course, that does mean actually beating one the hard way since you aren't customizing your equipment, but it should be doable with a safety save at the beginning of the ruins so you can just run around until you find one. He gives a significant amount of AP even without any ap boosting weapons. He can also fund his own battles since he usually drops a lot of blank 4 slot armors that you can sell. He's got 56,000HP, so it's more likely that you'll petrify him before you kill him with most characters. That means that unless you're using Rikku to kill them with Petrify Grenades, you'd get faster AP by petrifying them with a stone touch/strike weapon than by killing them the hard way with a double ap weapon.

For equipment, most characters are just looking for stonepoof armor as a necessity if you're using anyone that isn't Yuna (if you got hers for free) and you'll also want a zombietouch/strike weapon if you're using anyone that isn't Auron. Anything else is highly situational. Anacondaurs can provide a stonetouch weapon to kill Varunas. Likewise, if you got a Silencestrike weapon from a Grendel or have Silence Grenades, you could also kill Demonoliths for any stonestrike/touch/proof equipment that you'd need. If you didn't get a zombiestrike weapon from one of the story bosses, Behemoths can drop zombietouch.

Anacondaur - Stonetouch, Stone Ward
Grendel - Silencestrike
Demonolith - Stonestrike, Stonetouch, Stoneproof
Behemoth - Zombietouch

Outside of that, the only other equipment you might consider is your celestial weapon if you're using a strong physical attacker so that you can ignore an enemy's defense.
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User Info: Naxek

5 months ago#3
Hey that was really informative, thanks! I'll make it my goal as soon as I beat BFA to capture a Varuna and get to grinding. Unfortunately despite having farmed Demonliths for about an hour I have still yet to get a Stoneproof shield for Tidus.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 months ago#4
Best level up weapons come from Ultima Buster. They have a REALLY HIGH chance of carrying Triple AP, Triple Overdrive and Overdrive -> Ap. All 7 of my leveling weapons were from him and him alone. Still need to get 5 of every fiend to do it, but it is insanely effective with Zanmato in the mix.
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User Info: Fallacia

5 months ago#5
If it's a Tidus SCC, I imagine summoning isn't really an option. I was never too educated on SCC strategies since I mostly followed the NSG runs, but I'm not sure what Arena bosses are even possible with a solo Tidus. I'm assuming standard OSG rules, anyway. Tidus would already have finished his OSG section of the grid by that point.
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User Info: Blitz_Ace470

4 months ago#6
Honestly the best way to go about it is just to farm with the Ascalon, as Fallacia said. When you get to a point where you can kill One-Eye, you can get a Triple AP weapon to make it go faster. Later on, if you can beat Ultima Buster (you'll need to max a few stats first), you can get the typical AP weapon (Triple AP, Triple OD and OD->AP).

As for armour drops, all Dark Aeons can drop Break HP Limit + Ribbon. This is probably the best armour for the challenge, so you should fight Dark Valefor or the first Dark Ixion until you get it.

You also have some difficult choices for some other Dark Aeon fights: Dark Mindy can drop Auto-Haste, so you may want to fight her until you get Ribbon + Auto-Haste, but Dark Sandy drops Ribbon + Auto-Shell, so you probably want that one as well. It's incredibly rare to get both in a single run, and both are probably the optimal armours for Dark Anima, so you'll have to make a choice between them.

Dark Bahamut drops Auto-Protect, so you can farm Ribbon + Auto-Protect from him if you want.

For more info, I have a Tidus-Only No Customize FAQ that, while outdated, can still help you if you're having trouble:

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