Audio drama question (Spoilers)

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User Info: DFect

4 months ago#1
Just checked it out the audio frama thingy after having completed both games on ps2 a while back. The whole "Yuna suddenly dumping Tidus" scenario shocked me at first, but then I thought: "Sin might be back, and Yuna doesn't want to lose Tidus (again) in the process of fighting Sin so she just dumped him to prevent it from happening and in turn saving him from all the hassle.

My theory is she only dumped him because of that, and that if ever FFX-3 happens, they will get back together at the end because she still loves him and only dumped him for his safety untill Sin gets beat again/for good.

Not sure if what I'm saying is easy to follow, please forgive me I haven't posted on GameFAQs for years.

Would really like to know if anyone thinks the same way as me on this. Would also like to hear other peoples theories on the matter because I would be so disappointed if their entire love story throughout 2 games gets shut down with a 10 minute piece of audio content :/.

User Info: Fallacia

4 months ago#2
The Tidus she dumped was a Beckon. Based on my memory of the events leading up to her dumping him, she had realized that like the Tidus she was currently dating, Sin had been Beckoned. From that, I'd assume that she wanted him to live his life without risking finding out what he was, since that would cause him to disappear. If he journeyed with her to fight a Beckoned Sin, that would increase the risk of him finding out that she had Beckoned him after the shipwreck when he died. It does seem like she probably dumped him to protect him, but more from information rather than physical harm.

If Final Fantasy X-3 were to happen based on a continuation of the novel, realistically it would be even more sad than the first game. Either Tidus finds out he's beckoned and vanishes to leave Yuna alone and hopeless (or dead if she also has to sacrifice herself), she manages to keep the secret without him ever knowing (unlikely, unless she dies with that secret), or he does find out but because of shenanigans (also unlikely, unless that shenanigan is Yuna sacrificing herself for him) manages to keep existing anyway. The logical conclusions all kind of fly in the face of the themes and lessons from the games, unless the new lesson is that sometimes sacrifice is inevitable and necessary.
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User Info: Holy_Cloud105

4 months ago#3
That doesn't make sense since the audio drama and the other relevant information makes it seem like Yuna is dumping Tidus because she started getting annoyed with him and to date and f*** that other dude and that's why Japan hated it and the idea was scrapped.
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User Info: wwwgippal2

4 months ago#4
Trying to make sense of the Audio Drama just makes me sad s d angry tbh

User Info: 94mav98

4 months ago#5
It ties in with the infamous Japan only X-2.5 novel, the one in which Tidus kicks a mine disguised as a blitzball and gets decapitated (yeah, that happened).

Honestly, I think most fans agree it's better to treat these works as non-canon. I'm pretty sure Square Enix will disown them eventually. I personally think of them as (terrible) concepts being pitched for X-3
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