Airship search function not working pls help.

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  3. Airship search function not working pls help.

User Info: dsimek_

3 years ago#1
FF X. I've killed every boss up to the main sin that has gravi-gigatron skill or something. Kills my party outright. I heard I need anima to beat him. However, when I search for baaj temple 11,57 on the airship it moves the cursor on the map, then i hit X nothing happens. I've tried searching several cords of other places found in online guides but The search function is not working . Is there a requirement to be able to search? I'm pretty sure I got all the destruction spheres in the trials but not positive. Pls help.

User Info: CalculatorRamza

3 years ago#2
You don't actually need Anima to finish any of the main plot (though it certainly won't hurt). As for the search function, I'm not sure. You don't need all of the Destruction Spheres for it to work; it should go as soon as you can use it. Try moving the cursor around a bit and searching nearby, maybe?

User Info: xel614

3 years ago#3
There's no requirement other than having the search function on the airship (so having the airship). I remember having to try a few places nearby to get the location to show (maybe try looking at the map for what makes sense near where the coordinates you have are), as far as I remember the X and Y coordinates are within a small range online. So just try spamming the area.

Also, if you want a No-encounters weapon (a glitch item that is missable), save before going to Baaj. Once you arrive, there'll be a small boss battle with the first boss from the game where you ran from him (the game offers Tidus a chance to get even). When you beat the boss, he may drop such a weapon for Tidus as a rare drop.

Hope that helps. Also, if you have the Celestial Mirror, Lulu's Onion Knight is in the water around that area.
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  3. Airship search function not working pls help.

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